Feeling and living

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia

Let us study the child: he/she has a pure heart, but an immature mind1. Let us observe the adult: he/she often brings a corrupted soul, even though he/she has a trained and conscious intellect.

Where would the ideal condition be? Obviously, neither in one nor in other circumstance. In fact, separately, neither the heart can be properly pure, nor the mind has resources to be completely lucid. Feeling without reason is an open door to every sort of folly, as well as reason without feeling becomes an egotistic calculator of benefits and advantages, becoming not only inapt of intuiting values, but also incapable of catching a glimpse of great insights into the meaning, scope and purpose of things.

Seek, dear friend, the excellence of the intellect, but develop also, the field of your emotions. Start by becoming aware of what is going on in your heart, listening more to what your feelings tell you. They will teach you more than you can now imagine, they will keep you away from great dangers, they will warn you about fantastic opportunities of work, realization, love and happiness, and they will also make you a more alive, more present, more satisfied, healthier… complete person.      

Of course you should take care of your mind, but this you have already been doing, haven’t you? And if you do not do it yet, you know how to start. The education you received offers you all the ways to expand and enrich your mental values. Now, it is time to activate the other side of your soul, equally or more important than knowing and understanding: feeling, comprehending and experiencing. By the way, what does living mean? Could we not replace the verb “live” with “feel”?    

Listen to your heart, feed your spirit, love and intuit, enjoy life and delight yourself in every moment of your existence. Appreciate a landscape, dive into the listener’s universe while talking, surrender yourself to God when praying sincerely and fervently, dedicate yourself to poetry, to meditation, to prayer, to good music. Activate your brain’s right hemisphere. Wake your psyche to the greatness of asleep potentials that it lies within it waiting to bud.       

Feeling is living. Feeling conscientiously is becoming greater. Feeling sublimely is to become divine.    

Message received on April 10, 2002.

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