Maternal oasis of the Earth

Jesus, from the top of the cross, bequeathed this humanity, represented on the person of John the Evangelist, to my maternal condition.1

I am not the only maternal spiritual figure to whom one can appeal. There is, as we have asserted before, a Community of benevolent mothers (and fathers alike) who watch over the destinies of the earthly civilization.

However, for Christian culture, it has been delegated to me, by Christ-Verb Himself, spokesperson of the Divine Will, the sacred incumbency of making myself the anthropomorphic representation of the Maternal Face of God.

Thus, beloved child, if you find yourself weakened, in the sweltering desert of lovelessness and hopelessness that scorch the sensitive souls, in this so suffering orb, come to me…


I am the maternal oasis of the Earth!…


Welcome!… Enter the intimacy of my Heart and allow yourself to be sheltered, under the cooling shades and amid orchards full of succulent fruits, at the margin of crystalline streams that come from the inexhaustible springs of the Divine Providence and that pour forth the pure water of faith, of hope, of the restoration of weakened psychological strengths.

Pray, meditate, contemplate, daily, for at least a quarter of an hour, so that the beneficial effects can be seen, gradually, in all areas of your life.

If, for any reason, my image or my person does not please you, appeal to Jesus Himself or to another sublime figure of any spiritual tradition on the planet, or, in case you prefer not to address yourself to a human form, directly evoke the Presence, the Irradiation, the Force and the Inspiration of the Infinite Goodness and Perfect Wisdom of the Divinity.

Do this, do it always, with absolute discipline, and your spirit, withered by the scorching blasts of hate, madness and chaos that torment this unfortunate humanity, will be hydrated again with the Celestial Lymph of love, peace and lucidity!…


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in The Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, USA
August 11, 2021


1. “Jesus, seeing there his mother and the disciple whom he loved, said to his mother: ‘Woman, there is your son’. Then he said to the disciple: ‘There is your mother’. And from that time on, the disciple took her into his home.” (John 19:26,27)



Maternal oasis of the Earth

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