The Spiritual coldness and the “cold war”

“The cold inside hearts chills the world… and gradually introduces it back to war… to the cold war.”

Indifference and cruelty, jealousy and envy, the lack of empathy, solidarity, mercy engender a calamitous state of destructive psychic mass around the planet, which craves blood … the blood of the ‘innocent’… from those who sincerely desire [...]

’Unanswered’ prayers

If in your prayer you ask, but in your behavior, you do not act… you turn the prayer into emptiness, where the Voice of God echoes: “Act, make an effort, improve yourself, so that I can help you.”

Invoke the Transcendence from On High, while working the immanence in yourself. The Divine Emissaries never subtract [...]

“Unanswered” prayers

Our prayers are always heard and answered, although usually not according to our expectations; invariably, however, according to what is best for us! Be happy!


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

New Fairfield, CT, metropolitan regionof New York, USA


God expects from us…

Never perfection, for we are so limited and fallible.

Yet, He-She expects from us:

1) attention to the claims of our own conscience;

2) dedication, in the fulfillment of our responsibilities;

3) devotion to the principles and ideals that dignify our human condition.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)

Matheus Anacleto (Spirit)


Immaculate conceptions

In the 19th century, when, through my spokesperson Bernadette Soubirous,

I called myself the “immaculate conception”, I did not exactly have the intention to confirm religious dogmas.

There was a more profound message, codified in the symbolism of the words used, which constituted, basically, a password, a passport, a key for the attunement with [...]