Faith and flexibility

Devote keen attention to each circumstance in your life, without fear of making mistakes when noticing the need to review your points of view, even if you need to rethink what you deemed unquestionable.

If faith must be immovable to you, like all the other convictions and moral principles you consider nonnegotiable, the interpretation of what your conscience seems to dictate to you, in each existential situation or challenge, must foster in you the maturation of the function of value judgment and the dilation and deepening of your aptitudes of perceiving, feeling, understanding, intuiting and concluding.

Inflexibility regarding the study of spiritual principles constitutes a diabolic matrix that triggers all sorts of moral degradation. The history of religions portrays well the horrors that fundamentalism perpetrated, in the course of the centuries, and that still unfortunately crop up, in great number, today, in all continents of the world, oftentimes justified by blatant distortion, in the exegesis of sacred texts, which degenerates into inhuman and retrograde attitudes, full of conservative, castrating and oppressive prejudice and moralism.

Transcendence does not go with dogmatism, sectarianism and with restricting free thought and action. Evolution never allies itself with superstition. Authentic Spirituality and Divine Manifestation never expresses Themselves among ignorance, stupidity, let alone among the lack of fraternity.

Message of Mary Christ
Intermediation of Matheus-Anacleto and Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirits)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
June 13, 2019




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