Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity

And the Saint of saints appeared to us, shining as a silent explosion of multicolored light, accenting the white color. Ineffable choirs of angels announced Her arrival. And, were it because for the heavenly melody or the unspeakable ecstasy that the Sublime Visit always causes, we found ourselves [...]

Rupture of the ego, for the rapture of the Spirit

Beloved children:

May each sincere devotee promote the rupture of the walls of his/her own ego, in order to favor the rapture of his/her Spirit to the Kingdom of Heavens, within his/herself.

For this, it is essential to safely detect the voice of the conscience, which does not abide by standards of castrating moralism, [...]

Faith and terror

Faith must be alive, or not only is it already dead — it kills. Faith that, by whatever spiritual practices, does not unfold in more humane, solidary and inclusive attitudes, in all departments of the devotee’s existence, turns into fanaticism, in many degrees, from “mere” self-castration to acts of terrorism.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) Benjamin Teixeira de [...]

Faith and maturity

To have conviction in the Existence and Assistance of the Supreme Being is a basic achievement of spirituality.

However, we will notice a highly deficient degree of intuitional, moral and even simply psychological maturity on those who have not developed a solid and lived sense of responsibility, achieved when one works, studies, prays and reflects, [...]

Joy and prayer

Sacred moments of meditation and prayer can unfold with a spirit of playfulness, of satisfaction of the soul, of lightness and joy. Why could not there be joy in the act, par excellence, of rejoicing of the conscience, rehearsing transcendence?…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia