The Message that Mary Christ asked to be sent to the UN Economic and Social Council

Much more than a women’s right to gender equality

For successive centuries, it was believed, as an unquestionable axiom, that women could not take positions considered to be of greater responsibility, because they would be inept to play roles that were regarded as exclusively meant for the modus operandi of men, for the [...]

Intelligence and sexism

Prejudice, in its most refined and profound expression, is invisible. How many times have we heard praise from women, for their intellectual skills? Yet, how easy it is for men to be noticed in their attributes of intelligence and education, often not much developed…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends Bethel, CT, metropolitan region [...]

The need for union

It is necessary a greater unity among Spiritists, among Catholics, among various Christian denominations… Yet, friend, the topic is much broader, more serious and profound. Our Lord Jesus, from the height of the Cross, beseeched the Supreme Being: “Father, may they all be One.” The required union far transcends the narrow limits of the religious [...]

Fraternity without borders

Let’s understand the importance of experiencing the bonds of fraternity, inside and outside circuits of blood or marriage, so that we not only grow toward the great network of universal fraternity, but that we also improve the quality of our most intimate affective bonds.

May all interpersonal contact be guided by the idea of equality [...]

Stepping away to better get closer

One of the Life’s “magic” is to understand the reading of flows of events as indicative of the Divine Will. Forgiveness, therefore, means not to wish harm to the offender and to be open to conciliation, as much as possible, respecting the moments of minor distancing, so that they do not become major ruptures. To [...]