The Spirituality and Our Lady speak about the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and crises in the world economy

As national economies recede, the outbreak of the new strain of the coronavirus continues, drawing people’s attention to a forgotten and elementary aspect of the human condition: mortality.

This is a time of resurrection of the soul – of recognizing the importance that the Spirit deserves to have, which it always had, always has, and always will…

How much comfort can atheism and the theologies of material prosperity offer to humanity, in this critical moment, of critical ponderations, about critical issues that stun the masses? How can someone place safety on false foundations, built upon the quicksand of the inherently inconsistent “stability” of the physical domain of life and its “reliable” means of protection against microorganisms or global financial collapses?

A pandemic appears, like a ghost, in the scenarios of popular imagination, and the panic threatens to drag into the precipice the already faltering economies of fragile nations and an entire global web of finances that has been very frayed for a long time.

The purpose of this alarming situation is the same as that of any human suffering: to disseminate the message that one must prioritize the essential and seek a more developed awareness of responsibility toward the common good.

Tens of thousands of daily deaths, year over year, as a result of malnutrition and gross deprivation, in the field of sanitation and hygiene, or even due to the lack of basic medical and hospital care, never caused panic in the societies or affected economic indexes, nor did they ever steal the tranquil nights of sleep from the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Earth.

However, a few thousand deaths, in the course of a few months, caused by an epidemic that can knock on the door of any person, indeed, reveal the deplorable driving force behind the existence of billions of creatures in the orb: ferocious selfishness. That is, the largest percentage of the population is concerned only with their own lives and that of a few loved ones.

The current crisis, therefore, is a call to a more compatible degree of sociocultural maturity, for this civilization already so advanced in scientific and technological terms. It is no longer acceptable that the earthly community, so integrated on the field of communications and transportation, carries on acting, thinking and feeling in such a tribal level of conscience, in the worst sense of the word.

What is there to say, then, of the implied ecological aspect? Has there not been, decade after decade, a disregard in relation to the invaluable heritage of the biosphere? Has the agenda of unsustainable development not been placed above the fundamental value of life, which is undeniably superior to any other interest of individuals or isolated groups?

The human being is not the center of the Web of Life – Life, in itself, is, regardless of the level of biological complexification of this or that species, as rightly proclaims, in the physical plane of existence, the so-called “deep ecology”, in contrast to the primitive postulate of the “shallow ecology”, of anthropocentric nature.

Thus, let us raise this question: and what if the Living System of the Earth, which existence is well defended by the “Gaia Thesis”, considers that the human being on its surface is the inopportune “virus” that progressively destroys the health of its ecosystems? Is the current coronavirus the villain, or would this humanity be the “pathogen” to be extirpated?

Continuing on this, let’s say, line of reasoning: and what if we, of the Spirituality of the Good, want to authorize a long or hard enough “shock of conscience” to awaken hardened minds, organizations and governments, in order to compel them toward a little more mature and responsible level of lucidity?…

Panic and dread of multitudes consumed by wild egocentrism, petty prejudices and unspeakable hypocrisies… this fear does not move us. On the contrary, we judge it to be a very healthy evolutionary pain, due to the probability of working as a circumstantial brake that promotes reflection, for a humanity that is too individualistic, in this era of generalized cynicism and scientific negativism.

Some results are already visible. Suddenly, one of the globe’s most polluting countries, China, reduces its emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere, the international economy threatens to collapse by a domino effect in the stock exchanges, with market sectors severely compromised, and even public agglomerations are slowly being prohibited in several parts of the orb.

The whole world turns its attention to a “common enemy”, and here we see the sense of human family appear, under the merciless whip of the specter of death, without distinction of social classes or privileged national segments.

Since the terrestrial humanity does not unite for life and for the fraternal motivation of fighting for the common good, it is then urged to join together, hastily and somewhat clumsily, to combat a “common evil”.

This evolutionary principle of large-scale scourges will remain active, no matter how bothersome or discredited it may be. The planet has reached a state of evolutionary emergency. If the strain of the new coronavirus and the economical collapses it may cause do not fulfill its educational and spiritual purpose, new catastrophes of global proportions will occur, one after the other, in cycles of greater or lesser destructive extension, as the circumstances demand them.

May this human community, recalcitrant in the vices of evil, wake up as soon as
possible – this is what we, the Representatives of the Greater Good, who cannot, in any way, violate the free will of individuals or collectivities, even if they head the abyss of self-extinction, wish.

Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits)
In the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Brewster, New York metropolitan area, USA
March 9, 2020













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