Christs Mary and Jesus send, through Their Emissaries, a public document about the current global crisis generated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

This passage of the Gospels, paraphrased here, must echo in the hearts of all, in this time of planetary crisis…

“Look at the lilies of the field, which do not weave or spin, or the birds in the sky, which do not sow or reap, and God Father-Mother dresses and feeds them respectively.”

O, men and women of little faith! The spirit of faith and the search for alignment with the Divine Flows of Nature are the fundamental experiences that each human being must now develop, in opposition to the excess of confidence in the idea that personal control and power would be enough to solve problems and define routes of destiny.

Here is the powerful response of Life to the current era of delirious anthropocentrism, which was once again advancing toward a dangerous cycle of egocentric, megalomaniac, narcissistic and atheist cynicism: a very insignificant being, in its size and organic complexity, like an “invisible” virus, can put a check on the entire monolithic and apparently indestructible edifice of the human arrogance.

This alarming pandemic and its correlated socio-economic pandemonium happen to reveal the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the Creator to the hypertrophied egos, intellectually and morally myopic, which, full of diabolical haughtiness, do not recognize the obvious smallness of every creature before the magnificence of the Divine Creation, stupendously orchestrated, from the subatomic microcosm to the astrophysical macrocosm.

This global crisis does not constitute a punishment of Celestial Origin, but an emergency treatment against the fury of self-extermination to which this civilization was heading to, through multiple possible routes, such as the emergence of nuclear wars, the collapse of the ecosystems or the crash of the stock markets and the world economy.

In this 21st century, may we learn, more quickly and profoundly, the serious and urgent lesson of the need for universal fraternity, so that we do not need a sequence of tragedies, just as it happened in the last century, in which we suffered two world wars, separated by the 1918 pandemic and the infamous Great Depression of the 1930s.

These are the fraternal wishes of those representing, in this public document, Our Planetary Mother Mary Christ, in the name of Her Son, Our Master and Lord Jesus Christ.

Matheus-Anacleto and Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirits)
in the name of the Christs Mary and Jesus
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel (CT), New York metropolitan region, USA
March 30, 2020






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