The Infinite Goodness of God


The Infinite Goodness of God  

Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 06 


The sacrosanct Figure of Holy Mary was outlined, without making Itself fully clear, and, engulfing us in Her sacred spiritual graces, resonated Her Voice in our hearts, three times in a row, as mantra that echoed in our minds, in order for us to disseminate It to the greatest number of people as possible: 


“God is Infinite Goodness. Everything is already alright. The universe is a safe place. The creatures only need to attune to the Merciful Side of the Divinity, living the mercy and goodness, in a disciplined and heartfelt way. “ 


Ended the third reverberation of the divine maxim, the Image of the Greatest Mother of the Earthly Humanity dissipated in our spiritual retentions, leaving behind the air impregnated with the most caressing and holy vibrations of peace and happiness. 


Message from Holy MARY 

Received by Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

and Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)  

October 27, 2013.   

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