Steps to the truth

Steps to the truth 


Pursue the totality.  Do not exclude: include. Everything that is not complete is sick. Only the balance of the whole portrays the soul of the individual. Look for your axis, respecting all levels of your own self, without prejudgments, and become the whole that you are. 

Avoid prejudices. Every form of preconceived idea is inherently wrong. Because, even if it is right, it is wrong due to the erroneous thought process. And, if the way of thinking is incorrect, decisions, interpretations, evaluations and actions will be severely distorted, since the perception will be distorted: one perceives what one thinks, one perceives what one is. 

Notice what works. If something is not practical, it is not good. If something does not make you better, it is not positive. Be always pragmatic. The theory that is not concretized into practice is sophism, a dangerous illusion that vampirizes life and destroys opportunities of being, of realizing, of living. 

If you do not know something, try it, prudently, but try it. And if you are not fully aware of what the best way is, do not blame yourself for having the audacity to try, when so many settle, afraid of the opinion of others. Do not fear consequences, when living the divine courage of learning. They will be always positive, even when critical, if you act with ponderation, but without obeying to pre-stipulated parameters of reality, to established paradigms. Only the conscience deserves obedience. Nothing else. 

Now, abort the fear and generate the life of happiness. Focus on the fundamental: on your and the well-being of your peers. Delimit everything by this basic guideline, contextualizing and reframing what cannot be adapted or flexibilized, replaced or transmuted, within this system. 

The rest is fantasy. 


Spirit Matheus-Anacleto 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar  

July 23, 2002 


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