Heaven sees…

Heaven sees everything, my friend… The Authorities of the Higher Plan watch all this, in minute details… Endure, a little longer, with resignation, the pain that is inseparable from the complex, difficult, immense and singular service that the Divine Providence has entrusted to you, and in which you have remained faithful, often under great hardships, [...]

Living poles


Living poles


Hear the whispering of the landscape in the distance… the rustling of the coconut straws… the breaking of the waves, in a low, almost sinister, hum — all this speaks of God-Providence, God-Love, Omnipresent, embracing us all with the Warmth of His-Her continuing… perennial… Assistance.

Listen to the soft [...]

How spiritual guides act and what to expect of guardian angels

Spiritual guides or instructors, guardian angels or any Force that represent God for the human creature, have the role of facilitating, catalyzing, inspiring and supra ordinating, and not of presenting ready answers or solutions, except on rare occasions. If they acted as an open source for immediate resolution of problems, they would become true “evolutionary [...]