The Earth is Saved.

The Earth is Saved.

Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 13


The assembly was formed, the Greatest Mother was already offering us the Grace of Her Presence, Reflecting onto the world, the Maternal Face of the Creator.

Seizing the opportunity we were given to ask Her a question, one of our partners in ideal addressed Her, respectfully and succinctly, eager to convey a message of courage and hope to our embodied brothers and sisters:

- Holy Mother, are we approaching a nuclear Armageddon?

 “There is the risk of global extinction, but this will not happen.

God, Infinite Goodness and Mercy, has already outlined the fate of Earth’s salvation.

However, the joy lies in taking part in this Heavenly Movement, contributing with intercessory prayers, good “vibrations”, good feelings: of kindness, of generosity, of serene confidence in the Greatest Power.

Through every heart devoted to the good, in the physical domain of life, the Divinity and His Emissaries relay and enhance the energies that heal, transform and, we restate, save the earthly humanity.


Intermediated by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar.


(Message received on March 29, 2014.)


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