Holy MARY talks about Christmas

Holy MARY talks about Christmas

On the day of the summer’s solstice in the Earth’s southern hemisphere, at the exact hour of the Angelus, in the midst of the harsh caatinga of the Brazilian Northeast, Our Mother, Holy MARY, appeared for a small group of devotees of our Domain of existence.

Immediately [...]

Fly high

Fly high


The stubborn butterfly, which refuses to come out of the chrysalis so as not to embarrass her sister caterpillars, is not humble. It sins for being irresponsible according to the level of development it has achieved.

Those who can do more should do it, to better serve the community in which they [...]

The spiritual coldness and the ‘cold war’.

Part of “The spiritual coldness and the ‘cold war’”



A nuclear era flourishes, regrettably… And the globe is in danger, at the edge of abyss … We can and will win, reflecting the love of God to the orb, through benevolent prayers and actions toward each other, systematically. There is no other [...]

The Earth is Saved.

The Earth is Saved. Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 13


The assembly was formed, the Greatest Mother was already offering us the Grace of Her Presence, Reflecting onto the world, the Maternal Face of the Creator.

Seizing the opportunity we were given to ask Her a question, one of our partners [...]

Army of Light.

Army of Light.

Onward, army of Light, in service of Jesus Christ!…

We are all, in or out of the physical plane of existence, valiant warriors of the Celestial Truth, amidst earthly lies and illusions!

We are all One, as the Christ Verb of Truth prophesied, no matter whether [...]