Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends.


To demonize someone and place yourself as a victim is the perfect detour route, blocking the process of learning about your own mistakes (which caused the suffered vicissitude) and programming an even more unfortunate line of events than the one that was taken as the cause of the misfortune.

On the other hand, being rejected or ignored is, in the affective universe, a normal experience of the human condition, not a tragic one. To dramatize the situation only worsen what can be easy and softly solved.

Do not let yourself be seduced by childish pamperedness and whims of the wounded ego. This is the “siren song” which does not deserve to be trusted –  the tricky “anima” inside the male mind, and not the women’s voice from the external world. Real women are attracted according to the evolutive needs of each straight man. This reasoning applies to hetereosexual women or homosexual men and women (the principle of the undeveloped syzygy reflected onto the people with whom we establish sexual-romantic relationships, promoting real crises, is a universal problem).

Therefore, in a situation of breakup, like in others in the existence, the attitude of surrendering to the complex of victim only brings more unhappiness, because it does not show the reality, it is not practical, it does not solve anything and even causes more problems.

Pray for help from Above, but also work to make good choices of interpretation of your circumstances of learning, because your free will, in this universe of God, is inviolable, and it may block you, for indefinite time, to the help of Heaven, in case you decide for a mistaken focus, a selfish one, and, thus, a primary one to see what happens to you (externally) and in you (internally).

Message received on June 26, 2014.

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