In the event of slipping

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

by the Spirit Gustavo Henrique

You have committed an evaluation error, and realize that it compromised the quality of your work.

Do not preclude the work from continuing, by intending to have had no faults, by wishing, unconsciously, never to commit them.

Not even, moreover, throw yourself into the abyss, because you have skidded on its edges, and judged such slip an absurd.

Do not think that you cannot continue: you can. Do not suppose, without consideration, that you cannot move forward. Do not provoke your defeat by imagining that you cannot achieve triumph.

Do accept your limitations. In dealing with the spiritual service, we do not find perfect instruments. And God is aware of this, of course, as well as His representatives who organize the resources that can be found in human hearts, in order to sow the New Era in the garden of civilization.

One will have serious problems in dealing with money, possessions, and material conquests.

Another will face awful difficulties in the field of inner harmony, living among weirdness, pettiness and evil thoughts, for not being used to happiness and optimism.

Farther along, another friend finds himself bound by the ties of sex, often unable to rise above the lowest instinctual expressions.

Do not expect, then, to be immune to making mistakes.

If you suffer a slip, immediately commit yourself to retake the lost route, adding the learning from the fall to the expressions of your conduct.

Discouragement in face of the limitations and defects that characterize the human condition is such a terrible temptation, because it is based on completely unfounded sophisms.

Do not think that your spiritual friends will abandon you for having committed a mistake. The problem lies in persisting in an error, not in having committed it.

If you keep your heart loyal to the ideal, you will quickly be able to transmute the energies and disintegrating impulses of evil into unifying outbursts of good.

Now, therefore, cease with these gloomy and foolish speculations that you have lost contact with the best in yourself, in God and in His/Her messengers.

By falling, you did not become worse: you just revealed an evolutionary gap in yourself, which requires care.

If, however, you act with dignity and sincere desire of improvement, in the advent of the error, you can achieve even more merit, and do a greater leap of progress, just when you imagined being condemned to a regrettable setback.

Enliven your spirit immediately and go back to work full of enthusiasm and hope in a promising future. I doing so, you will ensure yourself a better future, inevitably.

God guides and helps us to overcome obstacles and inner limitations, so that we can find safer platforms to our realizations.

 (Text channeled on November 27, 2000)

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