Weakened by a little Sadness

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspasia.


Depressive moments are significant. Every time you sink into sadness, stop and reflect. Something is being said to you, something urgent…

Something to be studied, an undelayable trip, visiting someone dear, a loving phone call, but behind all that, and most importantly, a critical and unpostponable need for a shift in consciousness.

Now that sadness surrounds your heart, carefully evaluate the probable causes of its appearance and, without surrendering to the temptation of victimizing yourself (renouncing the power to solve the issue), re-evaluate your existence, for no matter how painful and difficult this moment may seem: this is the time.

It doesn’t need to be much. Pray for a few moments, write down some ideas, talk to someone you trust, open up with loved ones, seek psychotherapy and advice from more experienced people, read self-help books, reconnect yourself with your conscience, meditate in nature, break the routine, watch inspirational films, attend religious services, engage in social and volunteering services, dedicate yourself to dilettantism (paint, draw, dance, go to the beach, walk on bare feet, listen to songs that you like, cook a different meal for yourself), and, finally, think of God by your side, all the time, as a continuous and infinitely wise guide, trying to tune in with His Will through intuition and the voice of your heart.

You don’t need to break down into depression, or become seriously ill, or have a car accident, or lose a loved one, your job or your marriage, in order to stop and reflect. Do not wait for great misfortunes to come and snatch you out of your self-indulgence; because they will come if you keep resisting to the minor invitations to evolution that Life sends you. Take advantage of the little opportunities of reflection and change, in the simple difficulties and pains that you encounter every day. In doing so, you will turn unpleasant, tedious and stressful circumstances into a path, which stimulates growth, peace and happiness, in every way. .

(Message received on October 17, 2002.)


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