Injustice and ingratitude

Injustice and ingratitude

Injustice and ingratitude

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar – Dear Mentor, the issue of injustice and ingratitude constitutes a recurring subject among people’s lamentations. Could you tell us something about it? 

Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia – Yes. First, it is pleasant for the human ego to take the role of victim. This attitude, for this very reason, is more common in immature personalities or more flawed individuals. Rationalizations, often very well elaborated, distort facts and the interpretation of events, so that the individual can feel like “the poor creature that was misunderstood and mistreated for no reason.” 

On the other hand, there are embodied spirits that are, in fact, ahead of the average level of evolution on Earth, and whose benevolent actions are frequently met with attacks and unjust, nonsensical and often virulent reactions, moved by those who see their unconfessable interests contradicted. 

A more objective and judicious observation easily distinguishes those who belong to each of these two opposite groups, among which most of the population fits into, within the vast scale of the “victim complex’s” spectrum.  

At one extreme, we have those who degrade themselves to be right at all costs, living motivated by self-interest, while blaming others for their failures, ascribing to themselves all the apparent laurels they flaunt.   

 At the other extreme, we have the brilliant who have been wronged, and yet, heroically remain at the service of causes and ideals for the common good, no matter how many times and to what extent they are, along the years, betrayed by souls of precarious development, who approach them with the intention of obtaining specific advantages, which are obviously not always met in their inferior expectations.  

Let us beware of those who expect angelic behavior from others, especially when such detractors slander those who obviously spread the good in massive proportions. 

Beings of the Higher Plane of Life, when reincarnated, rarely behave as directed by the conventions or presuppositions of virtue. They suffer the same problems and needs of the human condition, but under a level of mental pressure that would drive any ordinary temperament crazy. And these (ordinary temperaments) are precisely those who, not having the slightest good sense to recognize the hearts that are ahead of them in the evolutionary path, feel tempted to despise, slander and look askance at Works of God and of His-Her servants, in the physical domain of life. 

Finally, do not expect missionaries of the Light to adjust to the appearance of “holy” or “enlightened souls” of their time, or they would not be fulfilling their role of catalytic agents for the general progress. 

Discriminatory moralism, full of the hypocritical poison of reactionary conservatism, has victimized, century over century, well before the time of Jesus (but including Him spectacularly), the authentic ambassadors of the Heavens, in all cultures and societies. 


Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

New Milford, Connecticut, USA. 

October 23, 2014. 


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