At the moment of despair

Benjamin de Aguiar by the Spirit Eustáquio

When you find yourself overwhelmed with sadness, remember that not every day is a day of joy, although it does not mean it is not a day of learning that, in turn, brings higher levels of happiness.

So, when assuming you have no more alternatives, review your postulations of truth, question old values, reevaluate old paradigms, and, thus, ready yourself for the new possibilities tomorrow presents to you.

Do not lower the guard to despair, for any reason, because there are no reasons for what has none. Despair, quite the contrary, leads to all sort of mistake, and, thus, it is the only wrong way to the rehabilitation of those who allowed themselves to stray from the course.   

You may have seen yourself in the mystical mirror of profound self-knowledge and gotten scared of what you have seen. You may have found flaws in the character or personality of loved ones, and that might have really let you down.

Stand up, however, on your own feet, and moving on, absorb the lessons you find in your way, exactly in the creases of the mistakes you have made or of the pain you suffered interacting with your brothers in humanity.   

Keeping yourself busy, under the light of hope, while working for the general good

You will be in the best path for the total renovation of your soul, no matter the size of the problem that stuns you.   

Message received on February 4, 2004.

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