Passion versus Love

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia

You felt butterflies in the stomach, shivered, scrambled the words, you got short of breath and your heartbeat accelerated in the chest full of energy, feeling reconnected with life, you tell yourself: this is what I needed!

Easy, though, my friend, with your conclusions.You have gotten in touch with an experience of awakening of the libido and of the powerful psychic energy that makes one recapture one’s own vitality. However, if you remain only with the libido, with no serious infrastructure of feelings and values, everything breaks down and collapses devastatingly, sooner or later.

Learning to differentiate the expressions of feeling is of capital importance,to avoid a dangerous existential bifurcation and destroyng one’s own life. Between the authentic conjugal love and the pure and simple eros, in their initial manifestations, there is not much difference. Physical attraction has more to do with the “Chemistry of senses” – instinctual elements, often with evolutionary purposes, implicit in the genetic program of the body. But often the genuine love also hides behind the first flurry of sensations of the initial moment of an encounter.

How to differentiate: one is only sensory and emotional, the other wakes up high moral expressions of the soul. If someone makes you a better human being, more useful, more centered, more in control of yourself  helping you develop potentials, as well as overcome limitations, you will be standing before love.

It will not be love, though, if you cannot devote trust, tenderness, feelings of friendship and dedication to the person who is the object of your attention. Feeling disgust, shame, fear or distress, next to the source of attraction, is also a warning sign. No one feels aversion to what will really do one good and to what one has a nuclear connection through the spirit. Nip the evil in the bud, my friend, if you realize that what you feel is just a torrid and charring physical attraction to someone – this order of passion is dangerous.

However, if you notice other factors promoter of psychological integration, transcendence and wholeness arising, between the folds of feeling, go ahead, invest heavily and bet on your happiness.

Message received on September 23, 2000.

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