Mediumship and spiritual perceptions


Mediumship and spiritual perceptions 


Mediumship, sensibility, charisma, gift — no matter what it is called — constitutes, for every human creature, a portal for the service with Heaven or a trapdoor for falling into the hells of various natures… 

 Do not wait for extraordinary insights. Instead, seek pure intentions, feelings of sincere altruism, of desire to be useful and to help your brothers and sisters in humanity. And, above all, strive to work, to the maximum extent and quality within your reach, for the good of others, in all sectors of your existence. 

 In particular, dedicate yourself, through prayer and meditation, several times a day, even if for a few moments, to capture, through intuition, through the filter of the conscience, what the Will of God asks you to do, how to do it, with whom to do it… 

Mystics, martyrs, saints, devotees and ordinary people, of all ages and cultures, presented and present psychic windows or spiritual functions of communion and channeling of the good, in accordance with the personality profile and the degree of evolution of each one. 

Observe your vocations; attend to your duties. Have an upright character, attentive to the sense of responsibility. Trust in God and in His-Her inspiration, as well as in the intercession of His-Her Spiritual Messengers. And be happy, respecting the guidelines of the fundamental parameter of the peace of mind, through the feeling of duty fulfilled. 

This way, you will be educating and developing your mediumistic abilities, according to the tune of the Good (through the good to be accomplished) and not according to the free fall of the impulses of personal power and gain — the right track, in the scope of Spirituality and its talents, for the resonance with the forces of evil… 


Holy MARY 

Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

March 25, 2018 

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