Breviary of horror about the machismo in our culture

Breviary of horror about the machismo in our culture


Breviary of horror about the machismo in our culture


There are those who spread the absurdity that the campaign for the valorization of the Femininity is unnecessary, as if it were an antiquated cause that had already fulfilled its mission.  

However, in Portuguese, the expression: “to valorize the feminine” is said using masculine terms. 

Even in more neutral idioms, in terms of gender, such as English, God is, almost exclusively, referred to as “He”.   

In our Christian civilization, only Jesus is considered a Christ, and it causes bewilderment the affirmation that Holy MARY is also a Christ, a Being of buddhic evolutionary level, as Her Son. 

And just to offer an almost scary finishing to this very short essay about the profile of machismo that reigns in our culture, women themselves, in an expressive and shocking percentage, prefer to be led by men or to consult professionals of the other gender, even in what concerns the extremely intimate area of gynecology — with all due respect to the male doctors in this specialty: the problem lies, in our view, in these women, not in these male doctors.  

Let us consider, indeed, the defense of the humanity represented in feminine bodies, through the combat against the oppression and the violence perpetrated by those embodied in masculine human organisms, in the physical world, but let us not forget the correlate fundamental work of making the women aware of the value of their Femininity… oftentimes attacked, by themselves, our embodied and disembodied sisters, based on shameful fallacies, such as the generalized idea that we could not be trustworthy, that we would be, in general, false, just for having a keener mind potential, compared to the majority of our fellows of the opposite gender: especially the  psychological ability to protect ourselves from the brutality of primitive and/or egoic men, through the refinement of the tools used in interpersonal relationships. 


Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

Psychography received on March 8, 2018. 


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