Maxims of Anacleto – V

Maxims of Anacleto – V 


Lie for a long time, and soon you will be believing in you own lie, losing yourself in the meanders of your fantasy. 

 Represent madness with a little more perfection, and, in a short space of time, you will not notice the difference between representation and reality. 

Fight constantly, and you will notice life becoming a battlefield. 

Not only does the psyche create a virtual reality, within the boundaries of its territory, but it also functions as a structure that attracts external realities. 

Not only do disembodied entities with a level equivalent to the mental pattern of the individuals become attuned to them, maximizing their inner state, but other forces, which still transcends human comprehension, which we could, roughly, summarize in the scope of the Archetypical phenomenology, are invited to interfering in their minds, wrapping them in vortexes of difficult exit. 


Curse words, blasphemy, gossip, mockery and gratuitous attacks work as magnets of disasters in one’s life, making oneself a lightning rod for tragedies. 

Beware of the power of words. Behind them lies the force of the human mind, of divine creative power. Choose what you say, how you say it, with what intention you say it. By your words you will define your destiny. Remember the wise words of John the Evangelist, in the opening of his Gospel: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 


Make sure to tune with the best, through the force of the discipline of feelings. One should not repress emotions, but study them, understand their hidden causes, so to, finally, manage them or, as much as possible, transmute them. To release impulses is the same as releasing a lion into a circus. 

Your conscious mind is the dial of the radio of your psyche: it chooses the frequency in which it stages, creating, over time, conditionings, according to the sum and continuity of your choices 

Not everything can be done according to the ideal, right away. But much more than the human laziness would like to admit can be, swiftly, carried out: one just has to really want it. 


Loyalty is a basic impulse of the noble souls. Even when impregnated with wicked premises, the truly worthy mind knows how to be faithful to its presuppositions of truth, no matter what happens. 

Be aware of the master to whom you serve, because if you do not do this consciously (the nobility of soul to which we refer here), you will do it unconsciously, by psychological survival impulse, being coherent with subliminal presumptions of truth. Those who steal, for example, follow the “truth” that it is appropriate to try to take advantage of others, swiping their belongings, as if property did not have an implicit meaning, but it was only a matter of spatio-temporal location of objects. 

The human mind always seeks to confirm its paradigms, so not to go through to the crisis with the rupture of meaning. This is how someone sighs happily, when a disaster happens, because, according to them, in their own words, at the deliver of a baleful news: “I knew that things were going too well…” This is why what until recently was called neuroses and psychoses happened as the ultimate dramatic measure of the mind to maintaining some consistency and logic in an inner universe plunged into chaos. 

Define your values, define your master, or you will be chosen by others, who knows what… Choose God, in His-Her Infinite Love, or you will have debts to pay to the infinite terror… 


The contestation is only valid when well founded. To protest for the sake of protesting, to be disputative, to go against the grain, just to counteract, is a typical attitude of immature minds, who remain in the field of reaction, for not having yet affirmed them to themselves, for not knowing who they are or what they really want. 

Gratuitous and/or systematic hostility is the conduct of those who are frightened, for they are vulnerable for not having consolidated their own sense of self, so they fear being invaded, possessed or deformed by everything that comes from outside. 

A really mature person is not reactive: she or he is active, on a first level; proactive on a second; creative on a third. Explaining, respectively: more developed minds seek to be practical, when in the awakening of intelligence; they anticipate problems, engendering solutions before difficulty arises, when they sharpen their shrewdness; and they create new universes, through solutions beyond the present parameters of reality, when they attain the excellence of wisdom. 

Making noise is for babies, who are inevitably needy and helpless. Mothers breastfeed them, give of themselves to them, nurture them. 


Break the silence of your self-indulgence: the inertia of true death… the death of the soul, of the ideal, of the will of living. 

Fight against the tendency to stand still: move, even if one millimeter every day, toward your ideal, but do not allow yourself to stand in the bog, breathing the mud’s rot. 

You can win, if you want to, if you know that you are the owner of your destiny, if you in fact yearn to free yourself from pain and walk toward happiness. 


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the SpiritMatheus-Anacleto 

February 10, 2001  


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