The archetypal binomial Sacrifice-Mercy

The archetypal binomial Sacrifice-Mercy 


Wrapped in fabrics that seemed to radiate sunlight, just like She Herself, Our Great Mother Holy MARY, in a touching inflection, told us: 

“I want mercy and not sacrifice,” reiterated JESUS ​​what had been channeled from the Celestial Father by the prophet Hosea. 

The Cross of the Holy Martyrdom of the Christ Verb of Truth continues to be in effect, as the living symbol of the lucid effort to endure conflicts, contradictions and tensions between opposing pairs, within and outside of each creature… Such inexorable condition of the human journey is lived in a deliberately accented way, by more enlightened spirits, who submit themselves to refined disciplinary criteria of administration of existential crises, fueled by disparate vectors of energy and internal and external mental patterns, so as to channel these psychoenergetic forces to the spiritual work of transcendence, of incessant evolution, of the awakening of conscience, into higher levels of perception and feelings. 

However, to this powerful archetype of the Cross, it is necessary to combine, as an urgent, deep and indispensable complement: the factor-happiness, or factor-grace, or, yet, factor-bliss. 

Urgentbecause it is crucial to apply its active principle to the pulsating psychospiritual dynamic of souls and collectivities, given the grave and dangerous crisis of transition that the earthly humanity is undergoing. 

Deep and indispensable, because it is part of, as a psychic counterpart that constitutes single greater archetypal binomial, the mythologem of the Cross, which, for this very reason, only ends in the glorious conclusion of the Resurrection, the mythological face correlating to Mercy, which is greater than the sacrifice, not only compensating it abundantly, but also transforming it in its essence, since the crucifixion is temporary and circumstantial, whereas the Resurrection that follows it is permanent and comprehensive, in all the implications of victory over evil and death, spiritual victory that the Christ JESUS ​​fully embodies, to Earth. 

Let each one reflect on the best and most complete ways of experiencing, in all spheres of one’s existence, this archetypal pair or the two sides of this greater archetype: crucifixion-Mercy… In following this new paradigm of spirituality, you may find, rather easily, answers and solutions to puzzles and dilemmas that before seemed to you totally incomprehensible and unresolvable. 


Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 

November 10, 2017 

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