Qualified Love

Qualified Love   


Love is corrupted in the human culture of the Earth. It was only limited, in the past of the species; it is degenerated, in the present civilization, understood and experienced, in general, as mere physical attraction or defensive impulse of the biological offspring, almost always presented with brilliant and poetic rationalizations, which exaggerate the value of the romantic experience or the instinctive inclination to the animal affection for those who share the same genetic line.  

The word ‘charity’, however, carries, in its semantic core, the most appropriate connotation of the Christic suggestion: fraternal, unconditional, constant love. This was the kind of love that Jesus suggested to be lived by all human creatures, in a more attentive and intense manner, in all their interpersonal relationships, including those in which there are sexual or family interests involved. 

The maximum expression of this feeling, the quintessence of Christ’s command, however, is found in goodness toward the wicked, those who detest us, those who harm us, or those who inspire us the feeling of repulsion, contempt, or indifference. In this point — attention — there is nothing there to encourage the connivance with malevolent attitudes, much less to stimulate them, by omission (which makes the victim an accomplice of the tormentor), but in reverse, it strikes the purpose of freeing the human heart from the chains of sorrow, hatred and desire for revenge (even if it is elegantly masqueraded), favoring the growth of the individual in the moral field, of the feelings, which in fact translate one’s level of spiritual development or evolution of consciousness. 

Only through the systematic practice of the love-kindness, love-forgiveness, love-solidary-service, in any area of the existence, it is possible, for human beings, at any time and place, the realization of peace, the attainment of the profound mental sanity and the experience of the real and lasting happiness.  

Message from Holy MARY  

Received by Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)  

and Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (Medium)  

February 09, 2014.   

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