Sublime Mail

We were in a group of seven ladies, and we organized ourselves in a tiny chamber for spiritual communications with the Sublime Levels of Consciousness.

The small room, with classroom-like format, was, nevertheless, spacious enough to comfortably accommodate up to a dozen people.

Instead of a platform, there was a “glass wall” that resembled a giant flat-panel TV of today’s physical domain.

The Venerable Figures who, by this method, interact with us, sending us not only the image and sound of Their Augusta Personas, but also Their Highly psycho-spiritual Irradiations, which reproduce for us, almost to perfection, what would be a “face-to-face” visit of the Communicating Figure.

We met on Saturday, August 26, at the time of the Angelus in the Brazilian time zone, and we began to pray, dearly, to the Greater Representative of the Maternal Face of God for the earthly humanity.

Within a quarter of an hour, the wall-screen had been transformed into a luxuriant peasant landscape and, in the center of the beautiful “view” of blooming forest, the Spiritual Mother of our planet, standing up, was waiting for us. She greeted us with a slight nod and divine smile on her lips, but discreetly and softly, as if she were melancholic, yet happy to grant us the Grace of Her Presence.

We all replied, each one in their own devotional way, and then the Holy Mary, with Her sweet and powerful Voice, transmitted to us the following swift Message:

“I am very happy, just like Jesus and His Father, with the news that — observed the inviolability of human free-will — our spiritual mail to the Earth has not been stopped.

In my name, ask the inhabitants of the surface of the planet to persevere, courageously and with discipline, in their practices of daily prayer and systematic action in the field of good. There is no other means to achieve personal happiness, collective bliss and the very survival of human civilization in the earthly world.

Tell, once more, those who are in the shadows of the physical world that all prayers are heard and answered by Heaven… not, however, in the way supplicants expect or desire the answers to be, but always within the criteria of real evolutionary need and merits acquired in the practice of good, according to the quality and extension of the services that each one renders to their brothers and sisters in humanity.”

Having said this, Our Merciful Lady has gradually diluted Her enchanting Image and dissipated Her Spirit’s ecstatic Vibration, leaving us moved and reflective, in the sacred hall of Sublime Interactions.

Message from Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil
August 26, 2017


Sublime Mail

Sublime Mail

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