Focus on the Goal

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Roberto.

When you feel too confused, focus on the goal, be objective in dealing with the situation, and move on with your activities, as if nothing had happened. One of the key tactics used by the forces of evil is to induce a paralysis of someone’s ordinary activities, to collapse their normality and thus, more easily induce them to the fall, to the failure of all agreed upon commitments.

Do not waste time whining or complaining to other people. Stand up right away do your job with drive and persistence, and work itself will dissipate your uneasiness.

Recognize what is wrong and work to solve it, but to contemplate the error and to mourn its existence is, at least, a waste of time, if not a dangerous occupation that instills the idea of powerlessness before the necessity of discovering and reaching a solution.

In short: be as coherent and consistent as you can, and forget about the litany of complaints that serve only to amplify the extension of evil in itself.

(Message received on December 12, 2004.)
(Revised by Marcone Vieira)

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