Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar from the spirit Andréa Lima de Campos

(under the supervision of the Spiritual Master Eugênia)


Study, enjoy all the opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Do not let yourself be influenced by the foul language of people who envy your discipline and determination.

In this day and age, when knowledge is rated so high, any disparaging comment made against those who achieve what we all long for: to study – is intrinsically touched by bad feelings, even though the studious person is motivated only by indirect gains, like a better place in the job market or only to have the admiration of others.

All adversaries of your learning initiatives at any time of your life (even when your hair is white, by the various years of journey in the material world) are motivated by spite and ill will toward you, because it is easier to attack sensible people, especially on this matter, than face and have to overcome the vices of laziness and hedonism, which block them from finding, within themselves and in their routines, time and motivation to invest in culture and professional training.

And when we consider that the evolution of our eternal Spirits has in knowledge one of its most important driving forces, a twin companion of Love (that, as the Apostle taught, is God), we no longer feel bound to align reasons that support the correctness of our arguments.

To study is to enlighten yourself, to become aware: this is one reason why historians called  “Enlightenment” the cultural movement, that, especially in the 18th century, placed reason and the research of the world, of the things, of the events, of the Kingdoms of Nature and of the human universe, as well as the study of God and our relationship with Him-Her at the centre of civilization – as if to study was, by excellence,  the humanizing axis, setting us free from all sort of tyranny and

It is no wonder that Buddha said to His disciples and to mankind of His and all future generations: “Evil is ignorance.”

With even more sense, Our Lord Jesus categorically said: “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

(Message received in Aracaju, in the early hours of February 12, 2012)


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