The Base for Everything

Benjamin Teixeira from the spirit Anacleto

You will not have gained your day: you will have gained your life, if you establish now the absolute empire of discipline. Nothing is more important than that. With it, the rest will come as consequence, in a matter of time.

Having done that, give no room to doubt, discouragement or any arguments that arise. Sacrifice the moment for the permanent. Establish, with no hesitation, an immovable pattern of truth, an absolute pattern of control over yourself, in the field of the non-negotiable minimum.

Do not worry with secondary aspects that distract you, worry with the origin of the issues. Focusing on the root of the problems, the fruits, naturally, will be altered. Keep the mind focused on maintaining the fundamental, and the consequent will be preserved.

If you sharpen the mind, you will see that all your problems and sufferings, going back to the first and real causes, can be reduced to one word: indiscipline. This way, establish discipline, as completely as you possibly can, and everything else will be resolved in your existence.

Study yourself, see what is really viable, what is coherent with your structure of being and feeling, according to your current level of evolution, and, after you have stipulated the unarguable necessary minimum, the basis of truth and life for yourself, follow it with complete rigor, without allowing one single concession, no matter the arguments or circumstances. Suffer for a moment, if necessary, but do not sentence yourself to disgrace, forever.

Yes, it is possible to review these postulates of self-control, but only in serious moments of reflection, not in moments of temptation. If you are not in one of these occasions of recollection and meditation, do not admit to reformulate or even cheat the rules of the essential: you will be breaking them – moral suicide.

What is missing in terms of prayer, study, seeking to fulfil your ideals or caring for your health? Discipline all this, in the minimum levels of the tolerable, in the maximum levels of the sustainable, and do not ever leave these paths of balance and of life.

Meditate well on the consequences of not subjecting yourself to discipline. Without discipline, life becomes unviable, in all senses. Of course that chaos and creativity, intertwined, have their role in the order of things, but to generate higher levels of order and not to bring up disorder.

Strive in the chapter of the axial and of the non-deferrable, and the rest will be added on to you. As Jesus said: Seek first (do not worry about other things before this), the Kingdom of Heaven (happiness) and its Justice (through discipline) and the rest will be added on to you (and everything else will be solved).

(Text received on February 19th, 2001)


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