The Best Time

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Sister Brígida

React, now, to the call of Life. Do not wait for the crisis, difficulty and struggle to crumple your soul and maculate the ideal, so that you firmly choose the essential.

Why wait for another life, if you can do something soon? Why wait for the enchanted prince or princess, the perfect friend or the idyllic boss, for the financial condition of abundance, for more harmonious family circumstances, to offer your best?

Do not make yourself too comfortable, or the Divine Providence will use drastic means to awaken you. An animal that does not walk spontaneously is whipped to move forward. If the powers of the universe impel all to infinite evolution, do the same on your own initiative, in order not to be compelled to it coercively.

Who does not seek grace by grace will have to deal with disgrace, who knows (?) being crushed by it…

(Message received on December 20, 2006)

(Translated by Iris Souza – Revised by Luciane Dias)

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