The Olympics

(Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar) – Eugênia, taking the opportunity that the Olympics are on, could you tell us anything about it?

(Spirit Eugênia) – Yes, the Olympics are a missionary initiative, whose inspiration comes from the high frequencies of consciousness, invisible administrators of the globe, of immeasurable proportions and importance for those who watch them in the physical world, but, in short, we could say that they channel the belligerent impulses of peoples, therefore giving vent to international tensions on the peaceful arena of sports. Note that, the more active a nation is in the field of sport competitions, the less often it gets involved in warlike confrontations.

(BTA) – The fact that most of the countries taking part in the Olympics, in a more qualified way, let’s say so, are also the most organized, democratic and developed societies in the world, wouldn’t this also mean that they are less warmongering? In other words: wouldn’t their valuable participation

(SE) – This matter is much more complex, although your line of thought is also well-founded. However, not other factor fosters, exclusively, an event of huge proportions, in a global scale, as the modern Olympic games. To give an example, the United States are the ultimate expression of an advanced society, in worldly terms; they participate gloriously in the Olympics, and yet, they too are always present in aggressive manifestations in battle fields, often taking the initiative of  first attack. Hence, through exceptions we also come to know the principle. There needs to be a collective outlet for the agressive energy repressed. Football matches, for instance, watched in the United States and in Brazil (each one in its own modality), by millions of “enraged” men, well denotes this. Several championships a year, work as a drainer for concentrations of violence. Now, let’s imagine this, if even with these valves for deleterious psychic concentrations, Americans are  so aggressive, how wouldn’t they be if these moderating resources of aggressiveness did not exist!…

(BTA) – Right. So, with regards to the World Cup, we could use the same line of reasoning to evaluate its higher purpose, couldn’t we?

(SE) – Yes. And observe that they were strategically interspersed every two years between each other, albeit each individual event happens every four years.  

(BTA) – I believe I can safely say that, the organizers and creators of each event were not thinking about this, when they established this periodicity…

(SE) – Yes, but they were inspired to do so, even though their conscious motivations seemed to be different to them, such as giving the crowed a break from the adverts of the previous event, in order to be more effective with the new one. Many of the occurrences in the physical world happens this way: the motivations of those involved are often quite different from the original causes, in the Superior Plane of Life. Passions, stingy interests and all sorts of human vileness are usually used to foster great accomplishments towards the common good. It is obvious that, when possible, superior ideals are inspired. However, as it is known, humanity’s greatest advancements, in matters of material prosperity and even technical and scientific advancements, were not motivated by worthy impulses, but often by a craving for power, wealth and mean passions.

(BTA) – Anything else to say?

(SE) – Yes, that just as communities have conduits for repressed energies, individuals must also have theirs, in order not to suffer from psychic intoxications, caused by their own energetic constipations. When one suffers from curious mental dystonia, originated from these repressed destructive psychic forces, one often deems the malaise to external causes, because he will be very sensitive, irritable and hasty. Nevertheless, if he analyzed his inner situation in depth, he would realize he is very much susceptible and not exactly attacked too much. But those who are very touchy, hardly see themselves as such.

(BTA) – Would you have any suggestions for these people?     

(SE) – I’ve already placed myself, indirectly, favorable to the practice of sports, for the enthusiasts of this kind of human interaction. Sports are especially interesting for those who are more active, such as overly aggressive and sexual men. But a hobby, a leisure activity in family, a moment of relaxation can have the same effect. Everything depends on one’s temper and his life circumstances. With no obvious alternatives ahead, one should try various options, until one or a set of them is found, that makes possible a more peaceful and centered state of mind.          

(BTA) – You made a link between sexual and aggressive energy, and still associated their occurrence to men. Can you talk more about it?

(SE) – The male’s body and its own psyche, due to functional reasons of his psychosexual polarity, are much more prone to aggressiveness and sexuality, since both represent bodily and external energy, whereas women, because of their biopsychic conformation, are more focused on inner and spiritual activities, which are favorable to motherhood, to which they were programmed by nature. Obviously, cultural factors still contribute to intensify such predisposition. Considering the most grossly material aspects, besides the male cerebral structure be susceptible to outbreaks of fury (see study of brain’s amygdale, for instance) (*),  some men suffer from an overproduction of testosterone that flood their bloodstream and can leave them electrical (in the worst sense): restless, irritable and highly sexual. This energy needs to be released or it “will explode” somehow. As the endocrine system of male’s brain, fosterer of aggressiveness and sexuality, is focused on the physical and external, sports are magnificently appropriate to help them to wear out some of the excess of energy. Men suffer a dilemma in civilized societies: they were psychically and physiologically designed to live in harsh situations of danger, confrontation and struggle for life, in a hostile and wild environment, and now, their organic and psychological system needs to live in calm, democratic and sophisticated environments (when compared to the context of the jungle). Women, designed for the delicacy of maternal role, easily adapt herself to live in a universe of verbal clashes (and no longer physical), of electronic and intellectual work (not manual).

(BTA) – Very interesting, Eugênia. Anything else to say?

(SE) – No, satisfied.

(Mediumistic dialogue held on August 29, 2004)

(*) The brain’s amygdale, a neurophysiologic region responsible for emotional reactions, is more sophisticated in women, so to speak, making them to unburden their stress by blushing, crying or speaking frantically in critical situations. In men, the same neural apparatus drives them to physical fights, even though almost all men oppose such impulse in society, to avoid living among slaps and punches against each other, as the way it used to be not so long ago in underdeveloped societies. The “good guys” and “heroes” in the movies, until today, are willing to brawl (when not to kill people), and men usually enjoy (psychological projections) such scenes that seem so rude to women – because they do not have such brain’s conformation.

(Medium’s note)                       



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