Nonexistent shortcuts and authentic pathway to Heaven

First, you need to become receptive to the psychospiritual emanations from the Sublime Domain of Conscience.   Then, whatever you have captured must provoke some degree of resonance in the structures of your own psyche, in accordance with your current level of evolution.   Finally, you must choose to vibrate, in response, as close as [...]

The Christic model of authentic love

Fathers and mothers, not all creatures are.

Children, not everyone has them or necessarily live with them, even because they may no longer enjoy their presence in the physical world.

Friends, brothers and sisters, however, everyone must be, and, within a standard of moral excellence, behave this way with one another, considering the inherent dignity [...]

Representative of God or just of one’s personal belief

Human creatures can choose the representative of their own belief, usually among hypocrites, dogmatists, fanatics or merchants of faith, according to their personal liking and convenience. The Representative of God, however, is chosen by Divinity Itself and revealed by unequivocal signs that only the Supreme Being can engender.

Therefore, no one has a decent [...]

The cross, the sword and peace

Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives” (John, 14:27).   On another occasion, the Christ Verb asserted: “I did not come to bring peace but the sword” (Matthew, 10:34).   In a third episode, the Supreme Master affirmed: “Whoever [...]

Mystical Union

It does not matter your spiritual practice, your religio-philosophical inclination or choice for a particular approach to the essential subject of Spirituality – the Fundamental Floor of Reality, whose deepest foundations are based on the Creator.

What you really need to evaluate are the constructive, healing, transformative, humanizing effects of your psychospiritual practices, whether [...]