Representative of God or just of one’s personal belief

Human creatures can choose the representative of their own belief, usually among hypocrites, dogmatists, fanatics or merchants of faith, according to their personal liking and convenience. The Representative of God, however, is chosen by Divinity Itself and revealed by unequivocal signs that only the Supreme Being can engender.

Therefore, no one has a decent [...]

The cross, the sword and peace

Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives” (John, 14:27).   On another occasion, the Christ Verb asserted: “I did not come to bring peace but the sword” (Matthew, 10:34).   In a third episode, the Supreme Master affirmed: “Whoever wants [...]

Mystical Union

It does not matter your spiritual practice, your religio-philosophical inclination or choice for a particular approach to the essential subject of Spirituality – the Fundamental Floor of Reality, whose deepest foundations are based on the Creator.

What you really need to evaluate are the constructive, healing, transformative, humanizing effects of your psychospiritual practices, whether they [...]

Loving Mother

I am the Mother, to those, on Earth, who do not see the Mother-GOD everywhere…

I am the Mercy, for those, in the earthly orb, who do not perceive the Infinite Mercy of the Creator…

I am the Love, to those, on this planet, who do not see the Divine Love permeating all

Creation. . [...]

Divine Mother and Perfect Provision

I am the Mother!

Absent the trust in the Divine Goodness, which is Infinite, turn to me, beloved child, for I represent the Maternal Face of God for the Earth.

Goddess-Mother is Endless Mercy and will always forgive you of all sins.

It is you, however, who need to take the initiative to repent for [...]