Sad and happy celebrations

    Not all celebrations are happy, but they are always a rite of passage full of meanings and exhortations to the learning and fulfilment of individuals and communities, starting with the reflection around identity and purpose.   In this broad sense, even a funeral consists of a celebration, which ordinarily is riddled with [...]

Prayer to Mary Christ

    She represents the Sun-Love of the Goddess-Mother, Our Lady of Overflowing Wonders, pouring graces upon us and our loved ones, to an extent we cannot measure! And She has announced that She will come to dwell in the abode of our hearts, so as we may bear the great happiness of a well-founded [...]

Neuroses and lucidity

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Temístocles

Neuroses – or disorders, according to the modern vernacular of psychology on the physical plane — make up complex systems of maintenance and regulation of the psychism, according to the individual’s own needs, very often of a compensatory nature. For instance: people who [...]

Precipice or paradise

    Misfortune is usually a Divine package from the Grace, waiting for us to “tear it open”, inside ourselves, and reap the lesson-benefit that underlies it.   Pay attention, friend. Situations-limit are hybrid in their constructive and destructive effects. Decide for the best: instead of listening to the allurements of evil and plunging [...]

Fairy tales and happy life projects

    Let us run away from fairy tales, from the tragic fate of imprisoning ourselves to an existential context and/or line of destiny in which dreams of love often turn into nightmares of horror.   Instead of escapist fantasies, let us seek plausible projects (for they are based on the reality of our [...]