Representative of God or just of one’s personal belief

Human creatures can choose the representative of their own belief, usually among hypocrites, dogmatists, fanatics or merchants of faith, according to their personal liking and convenience. The Representative of God, however, is chosen by Divinity Itself and revealed by unequivocal signs that only the Supreme Being can engender.

Therefore, no one has a decent [...]

“Conference by the spiritual leader Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar at the UN CSW65 — Empowerment of women and girls, from cultural matrices”

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Hatred for women and repudiation of femininity exist even among women. Many of them do not realize that, even if unconsciously, they devalue, underestimate, reject someone’s opinion, just because the person giving the opinion is a woman.

Commonly, this same idea, with the same ideological bias, with the [...]

Viable Solutions

Readjust your expectations. Try to feel what bothers you, what is missing or needs to be modified. Then, take practical and immediate actions, persisting in their application. It is not necessary to revolutionize the structure of your existence in order to foster your own well-being.

Sometimes, some originality in addressing problems is sufficient. Lightness [...]