Save me

The light was a subtle haze forming before us. The Figure of the Greatest Mother stood in the midst of the luminous mist, and over Her Sacrosanct Image, a few inches ahead of it, appeared only the few words that follow:   “Save me.   Save the Earth and the brother or sister next to [...]

Precipice or paradise

    Misfortune is usually a Divine package from the Grace, waiting for us to “tear it open”, inside ourselves, and reap the lesson-benefit that underlies it.   Pay attention, friend. Situations-limit are hybrid in their constructive and destructive effects. Decide for the best: instead of listening to the allurements of evil and plunging [...]

Fairy tales and happy life projects

    Let us run away from fairy tales, from the tragic fate of imprisoning ourselves to an existential context and/or line of destiny in which dreams of love often turn into nightmares of horror.   Instead of escapist fantasies, let us seek plausible projects (for they are based on the reality of our [...]

Conscious atheism as a basic model of mature conduct

    In critical situations, I think to myself how a conscientious atheist would act in my place, in terms of the pragmatism of good.   Armed with this answer, I demand myself to do more or better, since we cannot have the frivolous and fanatical expectation that Divinity and the Forces that represent [...]