The Christic Mother speaks, melancholically…

Our Greatest Mother appeared to us with a distinctly melancholic countenance and said as if She was whispering to our souls:

“Bring me the pains of the world, so that I can alleviate them.

Take to the people of the Earth my Message of hope.

Reanimate the fallen ones, so that they proceed [...]

Spiritual compass



Happiness in a more profound sense — not superficial joy or momentary pleasure — constitutes a parameter that indicates if we are in the most appropriate spiritual path, that is, the one most consonant with the Designs of God concerning us.

Self-actualization, sense of accomplishment, solidary service, peace of mind compose the [...]

People without bodies

The prejudice against people without physical bodies is so grave and deep on Earth that three extreme postures are usually adopted regarding us, the disembodied: the denial of our existence, the demonization of our nature or the idolatry of the idealization of our virtues. They are all far from the simple perception that we are [...]

Gender exchange through reincarnation

Century over century, the spirit acquires experience so as to advance in intelligence and feeling, expanding its potentials to lucidity and to fulfillment.

The game of appearances, in successive reincarnations, is used as an evolutionary tool to the service of the immortal essence that journeys toward Eternity.

Spirit Gustavo Henrique Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar


Not taking it seriously

Not taking yourself seriously is diametrically the opposite of not taking things seriously. The first attitude is a virtue that reveals a good standard of lucidity and humility for the evolutionary levels of the Earth.   The second, in turn, indicates traces of mockery, superficiality, irresponsibility, unconsciousness and cynicism.     Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]