The truth of the soul

The truth of the soul 


Through the studying of your mental state, you will have clear clues as to what you should do for your happiness. There is always the moment when the obvious becomes more obvious and you realize that you always had the answers very close, for everything that you wanted, but you simply did not think of breaking up with the cultural, emotional and egoic programing that have prevented you to see your own path of happiness. 

Let go of every pretension, of every manifestation of supremacy, of superiority, of every desire to look better or greater than others, and, at the same time, keep the impulse of growth, progress and spiritual attainment, and you will reach the level of profound balance that we infer to exist, the true platform of happiness. In this subtle plateau dwells the point of the ideal harmony, so that your soul can express itself without tensions, without distortions, without torments, freely, purely, truly, fully. 

Do no longer yearn to live up to expectations; do no longer aim to fit into pre-established schemes. Listen to your deep conscience, not the super egoic ideal of hypocritical puritanism, but the supraconsciousness that suggests you peace and happiness, in fluxes, refluxes and interfluxes that are natural among the energies of the body, of the mind and of the Spirit… without anguishes, without artifices, without demands, without terror, but, paradoxically, with passion, with life, with soul… 

 Stop, here, your inner drama of demanding yourself to be what you are not and to do what does not correspond to your true vocation. Break away from the fallacies and the self-disrespect to which you have been programmed or have accepted along the time. Establish today, once and for all, the realm of personal Truth, of the Light that dwells within you, of the archetype of Totality, which already has all the answers and which only needs to be listened to with attention, felt and lived. 

 Flow and be … the rest will be. 


Sister Brígida (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

December 2, 2001 

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