Connecting with happiness


Connecting with happiness  


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugêna-Aspásia. 


Do not fear: God is love. Everything happens for your own good, even if that is not clear now.It can only be for your good since God is God, and, therefore, His Infinite Intelligence and Perfect Love can only allow everything to happen for the good of His creatures, or He would not be the Absolute that He is. If, now, you do not understand the reasons for the pain that oppress you, wait patiently for the appropriate moment, in which the sacred purposes of bliss will be made obvious. 

We still are, the little child who feels saddened by the obligation to go to school, without understanding the importance of doing so, often angry with our generous mother, who takes us to school, against our will, and under our most ungrateful protests. God is the Good and Fair Mother who does not exactly want to be loved, but to do the best for Her child. We are the rebellious little baby who, full of crazy assumptions, presumes to be fit to judge the Plans of the Supreme Being of the Universe. 

Of course that we can and must fight to solve our problems – this is even the reason why difficulties exist: to encourage us to develop new resolution abilities, to incite us to expand potentials still dormant. But always comes a moment when we declare bankruptcy, due to a total impossibility to move on, confronted with the impenetrability of certain barriers of personal limitation that we still possess. It is the time of crisis, of distress, of the sensation of powerlessness, of cosmic helplessness, of emptiness… However, when more intense the darkness around and within us is, the more powerful, in fact, are the splendours of the Divine Light, which wants to fill us with His Inexhaustible Grace…  

When all seems lost, God plants seeds of happiness, in levels still inaccessible to our current understanding.  

There are no reasons to trouble yourself. The Universe is a safe place. The whole cosmos is the uterus of the Goddess-Mother, and the plasmathat permeates it is the amniotic fluid of Her Infinite Goodness.  

So, why fear? It is time to free yourself from suffering, and to choose happiness.  

What are you waiting for? To be sure of anything? To pay a moral or financial debt? To fight to accomplish what may not be what you really want? What justifies delaying your happiness?  

Be fraternal today. Congratulate yourself now. Do all the good you can for yourself and others, always and every day. Happiness does not belong to those who search for it, but to those who enjoy it, in the present. Those who look at what they lack, and at what the other has, ultimately forget how much they have already achieved and how many people do not have the third part of what they have. 

To be happy is to be grateful, good and to keep God in the heart. Not in a hypothetical and distant tomorrow, but in an immediate now, which reveals the connection with Eternity and the alignment with the Flows of Life. 

Message received on January 2, 2002.

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