Attracting and Consolidating Happiness

By the Spirit Sister Bridget


Meditate, dear fellow, in your moment of joy and renovation. It also constitutes a visit from Christ.

Often, the human being waits for moments of suffering and existential crisis to think of God and, then, the forces of Life, in His name, sends more suffering and castration so that he is reminded of the essential.

Do not ask for sorrows and misfortunes to come, for your ungratefulness, because they will come, in cascade, so that you are reminded of the Fundamental Love. Be, now, the man of faith, the ideal woman, the devoted heart, amidst abundance and joy. And, by doing so, you will be helping effectively the enhancement and consolidation of your pattern of happiness, attracting greater happiness.

At last, if you want to increase your happiness even more, spread, generously, your sane joy, with the highest number of people, benefiting them in every way at your reach, and the positive karma acquired this way will come back to you in more grace and blessings in your life.

That is what I ask of you; do it and you will guarantee progressive waves of more happiness e growth in every sense.

(Message received by the medium Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar on June 7th, 2006. )  


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