Identifying an Envoy from Heaven

Identifying an Envoy from Heaven

Identifying an Envoy from Heaven  

 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, He gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases.” (Luke, 9:1) 



Spiritual Government 

“Jesus affirmed: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.’ There are governments on the physical domain and their representatives; but there is only one Spiritual Government and its Ambassadors. To collaborate with them is a duty. To hinder them is tragic. “ 



Authority of Jesus 

“Jesus granted authority to His apostles, to perform tasks that only He, at first, could accomplish. Let us observe where His disciples are, and help them…  so that we do not to sink. “ 

Gustavo Henrique. 



Making a horrendous mistake 

“Those who only have ego and vanity believe there is nothing beyond that. After passing away, they will suffer great surprises when realizing that they despised envoys from Heaven. Right now, they already suffer karmas for this without noticing it. “ 

Spirit Roberto Daniel. 

Signs from Heaven 

“If you respect Earthly power, you should respect Heavenly Power even more. The latter is not granted to those who desire It, but to those who were chosen by Heaven. Notice the signs… so you are not precipitated into the abyss. “ 




Signature from heaven 

“Those who represent the Sublime Domain demonstrate their condition around their steps. Heaven does not endorse the works of adventurers with vulgar intentions. The Signs are calls for you to approach and be benefited.  




The perfume of Heaven 

“Jesus told us: ‘You will know My disciples by the love they have for each other.’ The greatest love: which clarifies, comforts, transforms, frees and makes us more lucid and happy. Woe to those who stand against them!…” 

Sister Brígida 



Judging oneself special 

“I met a guy who thought himself special: with titles, fame, approved by most. But the Christ said that the false prophets were treated in the same manner, applauded by their generation. Time, however, will enlighten him. “ 

Spirit João Macedo  


Exasperation and obviousness 

“Oh it gives me the heebie jeebies! It is so obvious when one speaks in the name of Heaven! One just needs to observe the evolutionary tendencies; and, on the other hand, what the bigots say. They prefer to listen to the ego and dig their own grave!… “ 

Spirit Maria Luíza 

The key of discovery 

“God does not trust His edifications to mediocre minds. Notice the multifaceted, extraordinary talents, who put themselves in the service of the general good. This is the key, to recognize them and to be useful to the Work that comes from Above. “ 

Spirit Clovis Mozart 



Soul from Heaven 

“She sacrifices herself for everyone, but, as a legitimate mother, makes it to appear like she does not. She acts for love, and attributes, sincerely, all possible merits to others. Here is a soul of Heaven that, almost always, is attacked on Earth. “ 

Elvira Dias


It is not from Earth 

“He could have success in areas that attract more money, power, public respect and the appreciation of most people. He goes the opposite way, for the ideal. Imagine, then, what kind of Protection is over him! “ 

Selma Barreto 

Complete Psyches 

“In the human model of the future, the archetypal facets of the personality dance gracefully in one’s psychological profile, expressing themselves harmonically: the masculine, the feminine, the child, the trickster, the sage.  

Dr. Demétrius 



The doctor of the future 

“Does not prescribe medications, does not put anyone on the therapy couch, or performs surgery, but instead changes the matrix of the mind that creates all the problems, from physical infirmities to spiritual disorders.” 

Spirit Dr. Hans 



A fisher of Souls 

“Some people say they make a good image of themselves, politically, with good sense for personal marketing. So did the Christ, in due and infinite proportions. The spectacle of the Cross led billions to the Light! “ 

Renato Otaviano 



Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

by Spiritual Friends.   

October 18, 2013  

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