The Hurricane Sandy, TB and the Quantum Leap

Page published in the magazine of the journalist and columnist Thais Bezerra – “Jornal da Cidade”, Edition of November 4, 2012


The United Nations welcomes us this week, on a modified date, due to the terrible Hurricane Sandy that left Manhattan without communication Manhattan (closed bridges and tunnels), leaving one-third without electricity. A phenomenon, according to the American forecasters, unprecedented (more in terms of extension than intensity). The Quantum Leap caravan, with three dozen people, including this reporter, was already inside the Hotel (with a direct view of the very famous Times Square, the most visited tourist attraction in the world), when the climax of the hurricane happened around us, without impacting our comfort, much less our good disposition.

Also because the coincidence of dates was impressive as a strong metaphor of what this school of thought means, as to what regards the transformation, whether for individuals or collectivities: a cleansing of the mental atmosphere, a stop for reflection.

Last Sunday, 28, however, the first part of the Meeting USA-Brazil of the Thought of Quantum Leap Institute took place, led by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, within the Western Connecticut State University, presented by me, with great joy, as I will have the honor of presenting the second and last part of the Event, at UN Headquarters, right here, in Manhattan.

In addition to the writer and TV host Benjamin de Aguiar, during the festive afternoon and evening, the following lecturers spoke: the linguist Delano Mothé (Director of the Institution in Brazil); the Information Systems Specialist (Director of the Organization in the USA), Marcone Vieira; the PhD in Pharmacology Rosilene Moretti; the PhD in Microbiology Rita Trindade; the PhDc in Social Psychology Cristiane Barreto; the MS in Social Psychology Fernanda Nunes; the DDS Maria Jose Campos and the journalist Sérgio Sobrinho.

The event was broadcasted live, through Internet, to an audience of hundreds of people at the “Iate Clube de Aracaju”. One of the participants, the  PhD in Theology Daphne Clarke-Hudson, was particularly delighted with Benjamin’s comments.

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