Brazil/USA Event 2012




Stop to feel good

Benjamin Teixieira de Aguiar from the Spirit Anacleto


Make sure you are not sad due to forcing yourself to give more than you can. Discipline is the control over the possible, without the paranoia of demanding the impossible. Do not impose a superhuman workload on yourself, excluding from your [...]


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar from the spirit Andréa Lima de Campos

(under the supervision of the Spiritual Master Eugênia)


Study, enjoy all the opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Do not let yourself be influenced by the foul language of people who envy your discipline and determination.

The Base for Everything

Benjamin Teixeira from the spirit Anacleto

You will not have gained your day: you will have gained your life, if you establish now the absolute empire of discipline. Nothing is more important than that. With it, the rest will come as consequence, in a matter of time.