Nurturing faith.

Part of: “Tired and sad…”


No matter the standing of your faith, dedicate yourself to it, nurture it, take care of it as of a tiny plant, in need of special care, like being watered, fertilized and exposed to sunlight every day.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit [...]

Recovering lost time.

Part of “Tired and sad…”

If you did not accomplish the expected today, do not torture yourself because of that. Try to make up for lost time, tomorrow and later, mending the broken parts of the started endeavors.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]

Be yourself.

Part of: “Tired and sad…”



Imbalance will feel at home in your soul whenever you do not make room to express the ideals of the spirit. Paint, sing, write, dance, hug, talk kindly and devotedly… Be! Be yourself! And the rest will come as consequence.

Benjamin Teixeira de [...]

Listening and following the voice of conscience.

Part of “Tired and sad…”

Pray, entrust yourself to God, do your best. Listen to the voice of your conscience and follow it. Do not forget, ever, that not listening to the voice of your soul is the same as entering into the sinister cliffs of all sorts of madness.


Safe path to paradise.

Part of: “Tired and sad…”


Trust to the All-Love Being your mistakes, your delusions, your follies, your fears and despairs, and be willing to try again, to try always, to get it right more often and, mainly, to serve better.

It is in the active fraternity that you will find [...]