Happiness without delays (banner 1)

Happiness without delays (banner 1)


Be happy, today, right now. Follow your conscience, act fairly and altruistically, but happily. The choice is yours.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.

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Hidden Happiness.

Hidden Happiness

“Transmute sadness into the exercise of the pursuit of joy, in less happy contexts.

Face the free hostility of others as an opportunity to develop, in yourself, more refined relational and psychological skills.

Interpret the need, of any kind, as a stimulus to find means or new resources to feel good.

God does [...]

Three pillars for happiness.


Three pillars for happiness

“The most appropriate philosophy of life for each individual is the one that most includes the spirit of service, with joy and state of gratitude.

The service toward others is the purpose of existing.

Joy in service indicates a better attunement to one’s personal vocation.

Gratitude reveals an excellent level [...]

Personal choice of happiness.

Part of “Personal choice of happiness.”

You try to be Christian and it sounds difficult to forgive what you consider serious flaws, of people who share your intimacy?

But if Jesus asked us to forgive our enemies, loving them as we love ourselves, what doesn’t He expect us to do with [...]

Personal choice for happiness.

Part of “Personal choice for happiness.”


Do you remember unhappy occasions, tremendous failures of the past, downfalls or negligence for which you would hardly forgive yourself?

Why not understand that instead of being a victim of external or internal factors, the correct and best course of action, from all [...]