Origin of all evils

Origin of all evils
All human dramas and tragedies have the same root: the lack of fraternal sentiment. That is what generates from the horror of the war and terrorism, passing by prejudice and violence against minorities or groups that are different among themselves, to the squabbles of the intimate life. Fraternity is an imperative to human survival on Earth. All religions, philosophies and cultures assert, in their best postulates, the universal axiom.
May we live the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood in any circumstances, with biological relatives or friends, with co-workers or acquaintances from physical communities or social networks, and even with strangers, no matter whether or not they share the same identities that define ourselves, be it of nation, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social, professional or academic class, religion or philosophy of life.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends
New Fairfield, Connecticut, EUA
January 4, 2019

Origin of all evils


If you want to prosper materially, do not seek to have too much fortune. The coffer full of money favors a mind swirling with worries and anxieties.

If you aim to ascend into the hierarchy of social prestige, do not focus on standing out too much. Visibility requires psychological tact and spiritual maturity that dismay and tear down less prepared spirits.

If you intend to acquire power, so as to accomplish great things, do not think about power for yourself and about your personal interests. Power is a hideous toxic of the soul, driving it crazy in a short time.

If you have the scope to obtain culture and intelligence, do not look for writings as one who keeps pearls for oneself. The knowledge and the reasoning accumulated with selfishness, in the intention of self-promotion, can only introduce the individual into the frenzy of various obsessions.

If you stare at the vanguard of ideas and values as the goal of your life, be aware of the extravagance in the growth speed and the public exposure of your intimate experiences. Those ahead of his/her time are considered mad, demented or bad character, suffering atrocious pains under the general persecution and scorn, often without even being able to be heard on their efforts to favor collective progress, despite how good the idealist’s intentions may be.

In everything, strive for balance and good sense. There is no point in wanting everything to simply lose everything. It is better to aim for the possible little, and grow slowly, but always, than to focus on the impossible much and be left with nothing but terrible sufferings of conscience.

Do it now what is within your reach. As for the rest, trust in God, who, so as others can see and win with what you intend to show them, will send missionaries in a timely manner — let it be said clearly: future time – since not everything can be said to everyone, not everything can be achieved by everyone, not everything can be experienced by everyone, in the time that is called now.

Therefore, respect your own psychological, spiritual and — in one word — evolutionary limits as well as those of others, since, without respect to your own evolutionary rhythms and those of your brothers and sisters in humanity, nothing true and lasting is done or edified.

Benjamin Teixeira
by the Spirit

(Text received on December 8, 2004.)

“Battle scars”, in the battlefields of life – and the three great genocidal leaders of the 20th century

“Battle scars” indicate not only the passage through a military confrontation in itself but, not rarely, also the stigma resulting from mistakes in the strategies of the generals or in the action taken by the soldiers and their direct officers, in the battlefronts.

More than just honored as heroes, the wounded and/or mutilated in the service of “bravery” should be the object of study under these two perspectives: of the logistics of the leaders and the direct operation of the combatants of the good. To begin with, would both strategists and warriors be really at the service of the good?

The danger of glamorizing suffering or of enduring sacrifices is that the marks and sequelae of combat are often useless, if not destructive, even though the mistakes or even crimes have been made or committed with the “noblest of intentions”, including the blasphemous labelling of “God’s Will”.

Let’s revisit, in history, the horrors elaborated and perpetrated by the tyrants of religion and politics, who led millions of civilians and military to the barbarism of the wars for the “religious”, “racial” or “social purity”, as the tragic examples of the genocides committed during the crusades, in the Middle Ages, and those carried out, less than a century ago, by a Dantean triad and their ominous campaign of ethnic and ideological cleansing: Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

May the souls truly committed to learning and improving themselves seek to analyze themselves in depth and remove the protective masks of self-idealization, in order to be apt to extract constructive and prolific lessons out of the mud of the downfalls they have incurred and the vicissitudes they have suffered, regardless of whether, at first glance or from a more superficial perspective, they feel or in fact, they have been victimized in the evolutionary plots of existence.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
July 11, 2020

Time is not money. Time is life!


Time is not money. Time is life!
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA

Returning to toil

Returning to toil
Apply yourself to the common effort — which must be continuous — of resuming the activities of good in all spheres of your existence, especially in the intimate field of self-investigation, of watching the feelings and purposes that motivate you, of managing the most problematic areas that create mishaps or hinder your life journey.
Be happy. But first, try to be conscious, to be at peace, even if the fulfillment of your duties costs you part of your joy, because any project of happiness that does not respect the ethical-moral guidelines provided by your most profound principles will be unfeasible.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Lucas Desiderium (Spirit)
Bethel, CT, New York metropolitan area, USA
December 8, 2020
Returning to toil

Returning to toil