Debilitated, between the purgatory and the paradise…

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Indeed, you consider a great honor — and even an act of Celestial Mercy — the opportunity to be useful to the common good.

You contemplate, with sincere joy, in the reel of time, the benefits you spread in the bosom of the community you are part of — many of them with original and very significative contours that allow you to tell yourself, with confidence, that you need to carry on in your battlefield.


You observe, downcast, the extension of the days and challenges that lie ahead after so many painful winters already endured in the past.

Your heart is cut to the bone by the cold wind from the lack of love of those who do not understand you and who stone your ideal, year after year…

It cuts deep into your soul all the blasts of ferocious hostility against the good you do, provoked by agents of the disaggregation and by the petty and subaltern interests of many…

In addition to that, you also notice the weariness of your body, the emotional exhaustion, the hindrances cause by those who walk along with you in this journey and who could assist you more in the meritorious activities you devote yourself to…

As the crowning of your “via Crucis”, it comes to you in cyclic waves, whispering to you warm and painful memories, the profound longing for the Other Side and the affections you left Here…

For now, however, work and serve, help and comfort, elucidate and support as much as your strength allows you to. Sublime Authorities have interest in the work that unfolds through you, bringing help to countless disoriented spirits, within and outside the domain of dense matter, and they will provide you with supplies of energies, inspiration and opportunities,whenever necessary, so that you can act in accordance to the dictates of your conscience.

In parallel, assimilate, as much as possible, the lesson and the stimulus to your own growth,from the less fortunate experiences — everything has a purpose under the Perfect Order of the Supreme-Intelligence Being.

Cheer up, friend. Pray, do everything within your reach at every moment, in favor of your neighbors, and wait.

If you have really reached the limit of what you can bear, remember: the Divine Goodness sees and will offer you liberation that will recue you in due time.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Sister Brígida and Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirits)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
December 27, 2020


Victory in the toil/fight for the good

You do not need to do much. Your duty is to do your best.
Your excellence for Heaven, nevertheless, has no direct relationship with the validation of competence for the Earth.

A higher level of attunement with the Will of God for you will probably bring you acute dissonances with the world, starting with conflicts with your loved ones and those who, due to the circumstances, you spend more time with.

Spiritual authenticity does not pair with religious or social conventions. They are ordinarily antagonistic.

Always choose the alignment with the “voice” of your conscience over the convenience of your egoic whims of adjusting to the dictates of the culture, of environments and groups, whatever they may be.

Be careful, however, with the haughtiness that blinds the soul. Loyalty to one’s own principles involves psychological flexibility, humility to recognize oneself as fallible and willingness to correct oneself as often as necessary.

Notice that the Divinity speaks to you, not only through your conscience but also through the filters of what annoys your pride.

Thus, what, at first glance, seems like “unfortunate” situations and “inopportune” declarations can constitute the Charitable Celestial Hand rescuing you from the pits in which you have slipped into and from which you would not be able to get out on your own.

Here is one of the most relevant lessons implicated in the maxim that I transmitted twenty centuries ago: “Love your enemies”. 1

Crises, setbacks, disappointments, adversaries usually represent the most honest, efficient and powerful agents of the good in the life of every individual.

Dry your tears and exult in joy, recognizing and making the best of the Divine Mercy, which sent you the rude blow of the lifeguard that helps you not to drown in the ocean of your own mistakes, illusions, sins…

There is a limitation in this metaphor [of the lifeguard that helps you not to drown]. A person who is literally on the verge of drowning can be rescued despite their will.

In the field of the spirit, however, only with the seal of the evaluation and agreement of who receives the blessing of the rescue, can there be, in fact, the rescue.

Tragically, the usual, in the human condition, is that the cunning of the ego, manipulated by puppets or even geniuses of evil, lead the creatures to demonize forces, personalities and contexts with the potential to save them, instilling in them, in the same move, the idea that they are victims of offences, attacks or unreasonable attitudes, on the part of others — regardless of whether, in a more superficial and immediate analysis, this is really occurring.

The incautious human heart often forgets that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent and that, thus, inexorably, there is always an educational, curative and benevolent purpose in everything that the All-Loving Being, who never errs, allows to happen, even if to instigate listless and coward individuals to raise from the moral bankruptcy of despair to then fight, valiantly and persistently, for the victory of good…

To those who make themselves capable of assimilating this message of Sublime Origin, victory is guaranteed, as I equally said, in the past, addressing all generations of this humanity:
“The one who perseveres till the end will be saved”. 2

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits)
in the Name of the Christ-Verb
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
April 15, 2021

1. Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27 e 35.
2. Matthew 10:22 and 24:13; Mark 13:13.


Brotherly peoples

The Brazilian and North American peoples are brothers. Not only for its characteristics of historical miscegenation of ethnicities, from the cradle, but also by the Divine Purposes which characterize them.
Brazil brings with it the mission of spreading on Earth an inclusive, plural and democratic culture of Spirituality. The United States, for its part, lives and they will still carry on the mission of politically leading the nations of the globe, in an era of growing multilateralism in the structures of international power.
It will not be possible to achieve the ideal of universal fellowship, in this critical stage where so many dangers of extinction prowl around the human species, on the planet, without, deeply and effectively, consociating the pragmatic and assertive Yankee spirit with the Brazilian soul of camaraderie and flexibility.
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
By the Spirit Abraham Lincoln
New Fairfield, CT, USA
November 16, 2015
Brotherly peoples

Brotherly peoples

I Am…

Be in peace!
I am the Mystic Rose of Peace.
Welcome Me in your heart, as the Permanent Presence of the Lord/Lady.
As the world cries out chaos and desperation, listen to My suggestion of hope, of trust, of faith…
If the whirlwind of your soul flogs your sensitive and wounded heart, allow Me to welcome you into My Maternal Lap, cherishing you, comforting you.
When everything seems to be lost, with no way out, no solution, no alternatives, come to Me and feel My Protection of Mother, for I reflect, to the earthly humanity, That GREAT MOTHER: GOD, Who, in Her Perfect Wisdom and Infinite Goodness, never relegates to helplessness any of Her creatures!…
Message of Holy MARY.
Intermediated by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar.
New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
February 9, 2017.

I Am

I Am

Nonexistent shortcuts and authentic pathway to Heaven

First, you need to become receptive to the psychospiritual emanations from the Sublime Domain of Conscience.
Then, whatever you have captured must provoke some degree of resonance in the structures of your own psyche, in accordance with your current level of evolution.
Finally, you must choose to vibrate, in response, as close as possible to the same frequency of the spiritual waves that you have assimilated.
Receptivity, resonance and consonance – these are the three stages of attunement that characterize the process of seeking better alignment with the Mental Spectrum of Goodness and Wisdom.
However, every effort of connection and communion with the Divinity and His-Her Representatives will result in failure, if you do not decide to persevere, with immovable discipline, in this exercise of coherence between the Transcendence of God and the immanence of your soul.
There are no shortcuts to salvation, as there are no shortcuts to any major achievement.
As the Christ-Verb taught, 20 centuries ago: “Whoever wants to follow Me, must deny themselves” (that is: the whims of the dark sides of themselves), “take up their cross” (of the disciplined effort of self-improvement) “and follow Me” 1 — because then they will be able, in fact, to commune, more deeply and effectively, with the Timeless Standard of Conscience that Jesus represented and represents, for all human generations on Earth.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
May 27, 2021
1. Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23.
Nonexistent shortcuts and authentic pathway to Heaven

Nonexistent shortcuts and authentic pathway to Heaven

Nonexistent shortcuts and authentic pathway to Heaven