Re-empowerment of women and girls in a world in serious, urgent and multifaceted crisis – Written statement sent to the UN CSW66

Re-empowerment of Women

Re-empowerment of women and girls in a world in serious, urgent and multifaceted crisis – Written Statement sent to the UN CSW66


It is imperative to conjecture and debate about possible means to transmit, within human societies, in all peoples of the Earth, socio-political-economic power to people of the feminine gender or identified with femininity, especially in such a serious multifaceted crisis that we are going through, facing severe ecological imbalances, with threats of mesological, climatic and pandemic disasters, at scales, for now, unpredictable, but whose most extensive effects impact, as always, the poorest communities of the world, in terms of educational, medical-hospital, food and digital infrastructure, etc.


We consider, however, that it is essential to reiterate our opinion, already brought to light in a lecture proffered at out Parallel Event to CSW65, held on March 15, 2021: the power need not, in principle, even be granted to women and girls – it would suffice to be recognized as pre-existing, as blatantly revealed by unequivocal evidences recorded by paleoanthropologists, in matriarchal cultures from the beginnings of humanity on our planet.


Life, par excellence, revolves around women. Through the uterine cloister of women – into whom the girls will one day become –, new human beings flourish, as if, metaphorically or (perhaps) literally, pregnant women became living temples, from which new generations spring into the world!…


Urgent are any political measures that foster effective actions, whether partisan or not, arising in the sphere of public activity or in the domain of private initiative, coming from the government of nations or from the participation of NGOs, individuals  or informally organized small groups, in the sense of enabling women and girls to receive education, professionalization and medical-psychological assistance, encouraging them to revive or awaken their awareness of their own power to act in the world and transform it.


Such measures, of course, must be guided by the creation of practical expedients, according to the context of natural and material resources, in the environment of each reachable feminine population, although they need to respect, to a certain extent – to be realistic and achievable –, the cultural parameters and paradigms deeply rooted in certain localities, some of them multimillennial.


The scientific community unanimously proclaims, through the simultaneous prism of various disciplines of knowledge, the glaring emergency to take immediate, effective and lasting measures so that humanity, in our small planetary corner, can survive the enormous challenges and dangers of today, especially in the field of the environmental crisis we are experiencing.


It is impossible to ignore, in this calamitous circumstance of our history, that half of the human contingents – women and girls -, continue to be rejected and vilified, just as for centuries they have been oppressed and often violated, physically, psychologically and/or morally, often in horrendously and abominable anachronistic ways.


Let us wake up before it is too late and fight for the survival of women and girls, of all of us, including men and boys… because the galloping of the “chariot of events” is so fast, that countless of the most brilliant minds, from various areas of human knowledge, consider that we have already passed the point of no return from an irreversible process of free fall, toward the disastrous bottom of the abyss of the complete extinction of our civilization and species on the globe… annihilating, with us, an expressive part of the fragile earthly biosphere that we compose.



Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

Founding President of the Instituto Salto Quantico – Sociedade Filantropica Maria de Nazare


Sensational interview given by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar, on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the Instituto Salto Quântico


Instituto Salto Quântico Team – Benjamin, today celebrates 33 years of its relationship, in the present physical existence, with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia. Do you have anything in particular to highlight on this date, which represents the ground zero of our Institution?

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar – Yes: the horror of the pandemic, with its epicenter in Brazil, and the pandemonium of various related collective problems, which are still only getting worse on Brazilian soil. It’s very sad to see all this, from a distance. Eugênia-Aspásia had said in 2018 that the country was entering a crisis so serious that the core of our Movement-Organization might need to migrate to the United States. I was unwilling at first, although I stayed in the New York metropolitan area for five uninterrupted months, in the period 2018-2019, until the Spiritual Masters (including Eugênia), who always respect our free will, accepted my experimentation with returning to Brazil, which I did in March 2019.

At the beginning of last year, however, shortly after the WHO declared the pandemic, when I had been in the US for a month, She and Her Friends from the Sublime Plan of Life went further and told me that it was a matter of fixing the axis of our House-Cause not only in North American lands, but in the “New Rome” (as She symbolically calls New York, referring to Ancient Rome), as they considered this location more compatible with the global dimension of our work, present in 192 countries, also taking into account the proximity to the UN world headquarters, where we hold special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2018.

ISQT – When will this transfer take place?

BTA – The transition is already happening. It is just operationally complex, not least because we intend to establish a new headquarters that will be definitive. The building that will bring us will have attached to our residence the studio from where we will stream the 4 lectures we give weekly (3 of them exclusive to a smaller and more intimate audience), similar to what we do now, in a temporary address offered by a couple of great friends-siblings in Connecticut. But we believe, my team and I, that by the end of this semester we will be in the “Empire State” – the epithet of the State of New York.

ISQT – What has marked you most in these 33 years?

BTA – The extraordinary phenomena that surround the Work of Eugênia-Aspásia and Whom She represents, phenomena that are (in their publishable part) listed in the “Divine Endorsements” category of our website ( . As much as I admire the nobility and wisdom of the One who was Aspasia of Miletus and Her Companions of the Greater Spirituality, I would always have doubts about the subjectivity of my own opinion, human and fallible, as from anyone else. And we human beings are inclined (by psychological ego defense mechanisms) to assume that we are right in what we think.

Authorities of the Sublime Domain of Conscience, however, to unequivocally endorse the origin and value of the Discourse that She channels, provided a set of prodigious occurrences, concentrated in one place, with a small group of collaborators who most directly assist me in the Task developed by our Spiritual Advisor, in such a way that we cannot, without renouncing reason and common sense, attribute it to a source other than the Divine.

These are events that cannot be forged, by anyone’s personal taste or will. They constitute a Celestial Signaling that, indeed, what Eugênia-Aspásia transmits to us must be heard with special attention and respect, because the Divinity so wishes, so indicates, when performing these stupendous phenomena.

ISQT – What do you mean by “publishable part”? By the way, would this question and its answer be publishable? (laughter)

BTA – Unfortunately, there is no reason to laugh – and I say it without answering with bitterness, but with tragic sadness. There are those who imagine that the blasphemy of opposition to Heaven’s Enterprises goes unpunished, as if death, illness, or any order of misfortune, in human existence, escaped the Authorization of God. Nothing happens without Divine Permission. That’s all I can say about it, is what can be published.

ISQT – Sorry to be controversial, but doesn’t this statement, in front of the public, sound bad for the Cause?

BTA – Consists of a special grace. People know that they cannot relax in academic or professional life, because they suffer consequences. No one ignores that relationships that are poorly managed tend to wear out and break up. Every adult citizen is aware that violations of the law in force, at a certain time and place, imply penalties. There is, however, the modern fantasy that, now that the last shadows of medieval obscurantism are over, the spiritual subject can be the object of mockery, sarcasm or even open and venal attack. Yes, it can be the target of all that, but at a price corresponding to the height of Who or What is the focus of the offense.

The problem is that the unwary ones who do so, in the midst of this culture of disdain for the Sacred, do not establish a cause-and-effect relationship between their blasphemous attitudes and the nefarious events that, in varying degree and nature, appear in their paths.

It is worth mentioning that the dismal results are not always immediate, some coming months or years after the acts affronting the Absolute Power. These are the most disastrous cases, as they are subject to a kind of karmic accumulation that, at a certain point, collapses in a fulminating way, devastating the existences of those who were sacrilegious, even when they think they are “morally authoritative”, either by their personal opinion or that of religious parties to which they belong.

There are Christian traditions that, unfortunately, are nothing more than diabolical doctrines disguised as spiritual associations of good…

ISQT – Can we identify them?

BTA – Easily. They are contrary to everything that Our Lord Jesus promoted. They preach the reverse of what He suggested His true disciples to do. They attack minorities, of which the Supreme Master was an ardent defender; they excel in religious hypocrisy, which Christ-Word so condemned; they are concerned with secondary moral issues such as sexuality and conventions, doctrinal rigor and their institutional power, which is exactly what the Messiah came to unmask. Thus, they depart precisely from the essential: authenticity in devotion and the fraternal spirit of the inclusion of all within the societies.

God’s Anointed One warned us in advance, however, that there would be “false christs and false prophets.” The oldest Christian doctrine was converted into a state (in the concert of the nations of the world), while several others became multinationals of horrendous simony, emblematically characterized by the Dantean struggle to maintain crowded face-to-face services, in the midst of a colossal growth of infections. and deaths from the new coronavirus.

On the other hand, a relatively recent doctrine that wants to appear purer, encouraging the escape from duty, under the pretext of detachment from material goods, incurs crass irresponsibility with the Celestial Things, by inducing its followers with a priestly vocation to put their professional careers and worldly lives in the foreground and reserve only their spare time or retirement period for dedication to what should always be a priority.

Our Master and Lord Jesus taught the opposite: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Justice”. There are well-meaning people who do good in all these religious and conventional environments, but, on the other hand, a lot of evil, cynicism, psychopathy and inconsistency prevail, favoring, on the one hand, the delusions of fanaticism and, on the other, the “epidemic” of atheism that we witness today.

ISQT – Anything else you would like to add?

BTA – Just that individuals worry less about staging the appearance of saints and decent people and seek more to follow their consciences in their conduct. Undoubtedly, if we applied this authentically Christian principle, we would have a better world, in every way. Amid so many and so serious simultaneous crises, on a global scale, from climatic-environmental to political-economic, including the current pandemic, let us not stand and watch our civilization fall apart, under our astonished eyes… There was no lack of warnings, century after century, as to what we suffer these days.

The point is that, as the Christ of Divine Truth also anticipated, genuine prophets are never welcomed in their homelands or in their families, which we can interpret not only in the literal sense, but also as the period and culture of origin. Only after their death, with the test of time, are revered precisely those to whom human communities did not want to listen or even monstrously came to silence, which occurred, in the hideous Crime of the Calvary, to the Christ Himself, crucified even today, every day, in the persons of His legitimate disciples.

Worse for those who do so, against the Divine Will. God is not “nice”. God is God. God of life and death, of joy and tragedy, allows each one to suffer what he deserves, what he needs to experience in order to mature, regardless of whether the creature believes or not in this indefectible Spiritual Law of pain for the evolution, when there is no sincere love for redemption.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
and Instituto Salto Quântico Team
Bethel, CT, Greater New York City, USA
April 7, 2021

Pyramid Shaped UFOs – Extraordinary Sign from Heaven!… Another One!…





From the deck of a US naval vessel – the USS Russell, according to a statement by US Department of Defense spokeswoman Sue Gough – officers on the military vessel recorded video of several pyramid-shaped flying objects (initially “presumed to be” drones), in July 2019, precisely in the period between the announcement we made about the gradual approach of Mary Christ to the surface of the Earth, in June of that year, and the date on which, in fact, She visited the crust of our planet, on the 4th of August of the same year.

For decades, ufologists have commonly associated unidentified flying objects with Marian Apparitions. On the other hand, in biblical prophecies, there are repeated references to signs in heaven…

The optical illusion hypothesis, as an explanation for the event, rather than a UFO phenomenon, is so silly and refutable that the Pentagon – with its gigantic teams of ultra-talented technologists from various scientific disciplines – not only ratified the reality of the “mysterious” occurrence, through the validation of the video document, but also kept part of the information investigated in secrecy: a typical attitude in military operations considered strategic, in terms of “national security”, always covered with a strong tone of confidentiality.

The symbol of our Organization-Movement, the Instituto Salto Quântico, is well known: two pyramids placed in front of each other at the apex, the lower bluish one, representing the physical domain of existence, and the upper golden one, symbolizing the Pleiad of Celestial Authorities that govern our destinies, individually and collectively. The latter (the golden pyramid), which, from the human perspective, would be “upside-down

”, allegorically implies an inverted order in relation to the mundane: the values of the base are turned “upwards”, towards what is of the Spirit, what comes from God.

It is worth noting, as we have already reported, numerous times, in our exclusive lectures to members of our organization, that the “Golden Pyramid” had been, for some years, traveling in the airspace of the orb, moving towards the USA, where we are residing, since February of last year.

Similar to what we see in the opening vignette of our Sunday lectures, we would dare to say that the dynamic and flickering alien pyramids captured on video come (came?) from a structure of equivalent format to, in larger proportions, a kind of “Mother Ship”(?) ”, an “Indestructible Golden Pyramid”, as the Spiritual Masters call it, in clear allusion to the Supreme Power of Divinity and the Forces, Beings and Communities that represent It.

As Our Master and Lord Jesus said in a free quote: “whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear, let him see, let him hear”.¹

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) and Spiritual Friends
Bethel, CT, Greater New York City, USA
April 14, 2021

1. Matthew 13:9; Mark 4:9; Luke 8:8.

Below, links to the article on the topic (on the mystery wire website), to the original video (whose authenticity was confirmed by the Pentagon) by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and to the point where the opening vignette of our lectures is shown (in the episode streamed Sunday, 04//11/2021).


Link to the Mystery Wire article

Link to the original video

Link to our vignette

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers  

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _1

People may disdain and even mock the Forces of Good that you represent. If they fall for this ruse, organized by agents of evil, so much the worse for them.

Even though they have acted as the villains, they may feel victimized, or even try to persuade someone of it or intend to “paint this picture” even for you… The consequences will be even worse for them.

Ignore those who have received the net of good that you have cast again, in order to save them. Free will works to attract both Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. It is up to such unfortunate souls to act listening to their conscience, seeking to truly make up for the evil perpetrated, or to give up on themselves, for the bizarre inversion of interpretation of events that leads them to delude themselves with the idea of having been wronged, when it was them who committed the injustice. So much the worse for them, once again.

The Sublime Powers protect Their legitimate spokespeople and offer unmistakable Signs of this Tutelage to anyone who really wants to see Them. If certain personalities decide to ignore Them… Wow! Indeed, so much the worse for them!…

The people who throw a stone at Heaven submit themselves to the fate, whether or not they believe in the existence of the law of gravity, of receiving back not only a peddle, but countless rocks, on their own head…

The analogy seems strange, but in reality, it is poor, because the phenomenon, being mystical, is too complex to fit into it. The return of the malevolent action is never manifested in a literal, obvious or proportional way — it runs according to the extent of the injustice done. This evaluation is made by the Celestial Courts, whose verdicts are completely beyond the defendants’ understanding and who sooner or later will suffer the effects of the judgment from On High as established by the Universal Authorities and Laws of Karma.

And the most unfortunate (or tragic) results often come at the least expected moments, for the perspective of the very people who allow themselves the folly of attacking What they are far from understanding…

It does not matter that they find someone who agrees with the view of the victim that they dramatize for themselves or for others. It does not matter that they do not fear being punished, or even believe in the existence of the Sacred Powers that govern the Protection of Their authentic emissaries on the Earth’s surface.

These ill-fated creatures will only suffer losses, in progressively worse proportions and varieties, to the extent that they insist on remaining in the role of victim, instead of recognizing themselves as tormenters in very serious debt, for having disrespected and blasphemously harassed an Embassy endorsed by God.

In any case, calm your heart and rest your head in peace. If you have done everything you could, and even a little more, to save the unwary ones who prefer to throw themselves into the abyss, remember, once again, the parable of the Gerasene demoniac ¹, in the classic Gospels, in which the pigs, seized by diabolic spirits that asked Jesus’ permission to enter them, throw themselves into the abyss and drown in the lake of self-determined misfortune.

Or remember the warning of the Christ-Verb to those who collude to absolve themselves from standing against the true Representatives and Institutions of the Divinity: “If the blind lead the blind… both will fall into a pit!…”2


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Gustavo Henrique (Spirit)
LaGrange, New York, USA
August 13, 2021


1. Mark 5:1-20, Matthew 8:28-34 and Luke 8:26-39.
2. Matthew 15:14 and Luke 6:39.

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _2

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _3

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _4

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _5

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _6

What happens to those who choose to stand against the genuine representatives of the Celestial Powers _7

Excerpts from prayers and reflections aloud – 2


Our Lady, Mary Christ!

Our Lord Jesus, Christ Verb of Truth for the Earth of all past, present and future generations!

Our Lord Gabriel, Father of Jesus and of us all!

Christic Holy Trinity, who represents the Divinity in Its Maternal and Paternal Faces, for each one of us!

We earnestly ask for Your interference, so that there may be an orchestration of the agents of the good incarnated on the planet, and thus, as a kind of living organism, a great collective individuality, we can position ourselves in a vehement, assertive and resolutive manner, toward a peaceful and, as much as possible, happy solution, in the medium and long terms, if not in a short period of time, to the crises we are going through, in Brazil and in the world.

* * *

Welcome, Great Mother, Mary Christ, who led Jesus to convert the water of survival into the wine of joy, at the wedding feast at Cana!

May we live the wedding with a new era to be generated, a new cycle of national and international prosperity!

May we come out of the successive series of disasters and distressing surprises, enabling us to enter a time of reconstruction, of remaking of routes, of re-blooming, flowering and fructification of the stunted trees or those frozen by the poignant civilizational winter that we have suffered, in this very dark period in the Brazilian history!

So be it, as soon as possible and in the best possible way, under the auspices of Your grace, by the mercy of Your sacrosanct intervention!


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits)
LaGrange, New York, USA
June 29, 2021

Excerpts from prayers and reflections aloud - 2