A motto for the New Age

A motto for the New Age

A motto for the New Age


Because we are going through a very serious national and international crisis, I suggest a motto to be lived, daily, in this and in the coming years by the largest possible number of people:  

A multifaceted sense of responsibility (social, ecological, planetary and spiritual), applied, with discipline, in all spheres of the existence. 


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

New Fairfield, CT, USA 

Seizing the Time

Seizing the Time 


You, who are young, use the time you have with quality. Sooner than you think, maturity and senescence will come, whispering sinister warnings concerning the end of the line. Young men and women usually suffer, on Earth, from the lamentable delusion of being physically immortal. Even if they believe to be fully aware of their organic finitude, they act as if there was plenty of time ahead, in their physical body, wasting precious opportunities (many of them unrecoverable) of doing, being, loving and changing, in the short space of one existence in the physical life. 

You, who are middle-aged, do not surrender to bitterness and remorse for the time lost during your young years. Very few People go through young age without some serious time squandering. Besides, very little can be done during youth, because of the lack of inner support for doing so. Maturity is the apogee of life. Between the ages 30 and 60, the human being experiences the most productive, creative and fertile phase of their life. During this time, fair amounts of youth’s strength and vitality are combined with the experience and the confidence bestowed by time. Instead of thinking about the time lost, consider intelligent ways to compensate yourself for the lost time, by doing more and better, in less time. 

You, who journey through your elderly years — freely considering here, all the time that goes beyond the age of 60, in the physical body — understand that this is the golden phase of your life. Only those who reach this age, with lucidity and health, have enough clarity for the great visions of the spirit. Old age is the field of exploration of the soul. In it, not only the wisdom acquired in a lifetime is consolidated, but also important insights of the near and distant future are attainable.  

No one becomes competent enough, for big responsibilities, until they have reached or are close to reaching this age. The government of the peoples, the guidance of crowds, the religious, the artistic and cultural leadership, as much as possible, ought to be in the hands of older people, who have been seasoned by time and life. Of course that there are precociously mature youngsters, as there are also some imbecile and superficial elders. The body does not always depict the Spirit. However, it is necessary, almost always, for the fully expression of the soul’s evolutionary achievements, a brain that has been prepared by years of uninterrupted activity, favoring, thus, the channeling of subtleties of the Spirit into the brutality of the matter. 

Regardless of your age, consider using time properly. Time is our greatest judge, just as much as our greatest gift, the most precious asset that we have at hand for the realization of our projects, for the accomplishment of our ideals. 

Do not leave for tomorrow, due to the addiction to procrastination, nor consign to the past, in the torment of remorse for the time lost, what you can do today. Do it now, even if just a little, but keep on doing this “little”, continuously, daily, systematically, and you will be surprised by the effects of this persistence. For those who persevere, resources, allies, inspiration and energy always come for the manifestation of divine ideals. 

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of time, of opportunities to do good to oneself and to others. Do not waste the opportunity of doing today everything you deem essential, from a declaration of love with your love for your spouse — immersed in the routine of a tedious marriage —, to the first initiative in the fulfillment of an old dream. It is possible to be happy at any stage of life. For this to happen, It is important to make the good use of time a top priority, so that, in the realization of the good, as in the transformation of the evil into a greater encouragement and information toward the practice of good, one succeeds in reaching that feeling of wholeness, personal fulfillment, happiness and peace. 


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar  

October 9, 2001 

Holy MARY talks about Christmas

Holy MARY talks about Christmas 


On the day of the summer’s solstice in the Earth’s southern hemisphere, at the exact hour of the Angelus, in the midst of the harsh caatinga of the Brazilian Northeast, Our Mother, Holy MARY, appeared for a small group of devotees of our Domain of existence. 

Immediately afterwards, in the dimension of dense matter, acting by basal psychic automatisms, some skinny cattle with sad stare felt impelled to approach the mysterious Source of vital-spiritual energy: at the point where, in our Frequency of action, the Sacred Figure made Herself noticeable. 

A few seconds after having clearly configured Herself, the Celestial Visitor — using a Portuguese that mixed the Brazilian and Lusitanian phonetics in respect to some brothers and sisters of our small group that did not directly reach Her Mental Emanations, in a similar way to what had occurred in relation to the Anglophone audience of last week, in another Northeast region: the North American — said:  


Christmas… time to make JESUS ​​reborn, as Ideal and Model of conduct, in the hearts and minds of human creatures 

A special moment in which, through the tradition of exchanging gifts and through the family and social gatherings for typical meals, loving and fair souls show sincere affection and demonstrate the willingness to reconcile, with those who are legitimately open to it 

Time, in the opposite sense, of the illusions of the material gifts offered without the counterpart of the fraternal feeling of giving… of lavish tables gathering people who are hostile to one another and who violate themselves in order to be together and trade barbs with each other reciprocally 

 Throughout the Christian world 

There is the melancholy, of those who feel themselves distant from Christian ideals… and the profound joy, of those who genuinely celebrate the coming of the Christ-Word of Divine Truth to the planet 

There is the nostalgia for the deceased loved ones, who used to compose old Christmas times… and the hopeful joy, in the renovation derived from the approaching of other loves, through birth, through marriage, through friendship, through the miracle of happy reunions of past lives, in the present reincarnation 

 There are the consumerist fantasies inspired by a bizarre old man dressed for the snow, on flying sleigh, driven by magical reindeers (in the heat of the tropics, for most part of the Christian community)… and there are the authentic spiritual pursuits and prayers addressed to the True Icon and Birthday Person of the Night: JESUS!… 

 Christmas, Christmas… a convention for many… an emptiness for others… an invitation for all: to the practice of authentic charity and solidarity… an invitation fully lived by countless lucid hearts… and which must be extended, as much as possible, to all the other days of the coming year, in the imminence of starting 


Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil 

December 24, 2017 




This week, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The last one that could be fought among the great nations of the Earth, without the extinction of the human species on the orb and even the destruction of the planetary biosphere… 

May each creature, in the face of this symbolic milestone of History, verify what aspects of their personal existence demand “endings”, to be defined with vigor, determination and depth, so that disasters of vast proportions do not come into existence, in an irreversible way, in their own line of destiny, as well as in the lives of those who share the paths with them. 


Message from Holy MARY 

Received by Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

and Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

May 9, 2015 

The truth of the soul

The truth of the soul 


Through the studying of your mental state, you will have clear clues as to what you should do for your happiness. There is always the moment when the obvious becomes more obvious and you realize that you always had the answers very close, for everything that you wanted, but you simply did not think of breaking up with the cultural, emotional and egoic programing that have prevented you to see your own path of happiness. 

Let go of every pretension, of every manifestation of supremacy, of superiority, of every desire to look better or greater than others, and, at the same time, keep the impulse of growth, progress and spiritual attainment, and you will reach the level of profound balance that we infer to exist, the true platform of happiness. In this subtle plateau dwells the point of the ideal harmony, so that your soul can express itself without tensions, without distortions, without torments, freely, purely, truly, fully. 

Do no longer yearn to live up to expectations; do no longer aim to fit into pre-established schemes. Listen to your deep conscience, not the super egoic ideal of hypocritical puritanism, but the supraconsciousness that suggests you peace and happiness, in fluxes, refluxes and interfluxes that are natural among the energies of the body, of the mind and of the Spirit… without anguishes, without artifices, without demands, without terror, but, paradoxically, with passion, with life, with soul… 

 Stop, here, your inner drama of demanding yourself to be what you are not and to do what does not correspond to your true vocation. Break away from the fallacies and the self-disrespect to which you have been programmed or have accepted along the time. Establish today, once and for all, the realm of personal Truth, of the Light that dwells within you, of the archetype of Totality, which already has all the answers and which only needs to be listened to with attention, felt and lived. 

 Flow and be … the rest will be. 


Sister Brígida (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

December 2, 2001