Crisis and Divine Love

God is Infinite Goodness!

As Absolute Being, the exhalation of His-Her Love is necessarily complete – and, therefore, includes corrective justice, in favor of individuals and communities.

It does not matter that the human mind does not grasp the complexity of the divine reasons for certain events – it is natural that limited intelligences do not encompass the Supreme Intelligence.

You only need, beloved child, to understand and accept, in a sensible and devotional way, that, by being Perfect Wisdom, God does not err. Therefore, there are always educational purposes to every event, no matter how disastrous they may be in their first developments.

Thus, aware that you follow under the Auspicious of the Indefectible Providence, fulfill your shared portion of responsibility, by using your discernment and free will in the best possible way, in order to facilitate, in yourself and in others, the evolutionary catalysis that Life is offering to you, through crises, perplexities and afflictions, including those you cannot immediately resolve or those that, at any time, are beyond your ability to solve.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Sprit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
May 15, 2020



Prayer to the Christ-Mother

Blessed art Thou, O Celestial Mother!

Last hope of the hopeless!

Living Reflector of God’s Infinite Goodness!

Welcome, O so beloved Mother!

Welcome to our hearts… to our lives!

Touch us from within… and transform us… forever!…

O Immaculate Heart of Mother, we place our existences and our future in Your Hands!

Save us from ourselves, the sinners we are!

Light our pathways!

Convert karmas and disasters into service and accomplishments for the common good!

Take our souls and our destinies in Your Semidivine Bosom!

O Mother of Our Lord Jesus and Mother of the whole humanity!

Invoke the Divine Mercy, for all of us!

Interfere in our swampy paths… of tribulations and dangers!

Make the marsh bloom!

Transform the rottenness of the bog in fertilizing material to the infertile soil of our hardened hearts!

Praised be, Most Holy Mother, today and always!

So be it!

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends
July 7, 2018




Pearls or pigs – the personal and universal choice, during the pandemic

Our Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspásia appeared to me, distinct and serene, as it is customary to her, and asked me to record, in the Brazilian Portuguese version, the Message that follows, from Our Planetary Mother, Mary Christ, whose Voice resounded – or was It whispered? —, both tender and strong at the same time, in a primordial unintelligible language…

“In the physical domain of existence and in its vibratory surroundings, everyone is, in one way or another, immersed in the seabed of an ocean of global problems of diverse forms and in various degrees of complication, caused or aggravated by the new pathogen in a pandemic spread.

Acute and multifaceted international crises, like world wars, constitute an inescapable appeal of the Divinity for an evolutionary leap of the level of civilization of the humankind, in all areas of organization and action, individually and collectively, including those concerning concepts, customs, scientific paradigms and – the most relevant of them – spiritual values and principles.

There are those who despair before the ineluctable, resembling the pigs of the Gospel parable, which precipitated themselves off the cliff and drowned, under the influence of a ‘legion’ of evil spirits (1). These personalities allow themselves the total eclipse of good sense and the moral death of faith, surrendering to cynicism, to denial, to nihilism.

There are, however, people of distinct psychological profile and character, who, just like the oysters relegated to the dark and cold seabed, when feeling invaded by elements foreign to their nature, prefer to inflame themselves against what harms them in order to, through the psychic labor in which they intimately contort themselves, generate the precious teardrop of a pearl and offer it to the world…

You, beloved child, must choose your response to the horror that surrounds you… either you lose yourself in the sinister laughter of those who give up the good, throwing yourself into the abyss of unpredictable sufferings, in number and proportion… or you fight for the good, extracting from your own soul, intoxicated with external dread, the hidden treasure of inner transformation and of benevolent service, of any kind, rendered to your brothers and sisters in humanity…”

That said, the Powerful Voice of the Spiritual Mother of the Earth silenced… and the Mentor Eugênia-Aspásia, who interpreted Her Message, in real-time, to the language of Machado de Assis, also disappeared from my perception.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
May 6, 2020

1. Mateus, 8:32; Marcos, 5:13; Lucas, 8:33.




Pregnant with yourself and Uterus of the Goddess-Mother



In a way, it can be understood that a person in an existential crisis is in the process of incubation, in a regimen of psychic gestation of him-herself. In fetal position, secluded in the depths of his or her soul, feeling fragile and vulnerable, he or she seeks protection in the womb of his or her own mind, as the caterpillar — allow me to return to the conceptual cliché — that creates the chrysalis, so that, inside it, it can feel itself dissolving, suffering the painful metamorphosis toward the conversion of itself into a butterfly.

The human being lives several of these stages, of being pregnant with him-herself, in the course of the same reincarnation. On several occasions, he or she feels him-herself returning, not to a maternal womb, in a state of psychological regression, but to a metaphorical womb, engendered by him-herself (as well as in the allegory of the caterpillar), giving birth to a butterfly more and more colorful and efficiently winged, in higher degrees of inner grace, ad aeternum.

It is important for each one to remember, meanwhile, that the Universe is also a good analogy of a uterus, the Uterus of the Goddess-Mother. You are not alone: you are protected, enfolded by the energies and mental emanations of the One who takes care of the well-being, of the development, of the expansion of lucidity and consciousness of all creatures.

In other words, we are not as vulnerable, in fact, as we feel in periods of acute crisis. Multiverses are a “safe place”, they are wombs of the Maternal Face of God, the Being of Infinite Goodness, who, being everywhere, sees us and inspires us, through myriads of means, including through the assistance of Spiritual Messengers, free of physical bodies, no matter what denomination we bestow on them, according to our religious and spiritual identifications or the lack of it.

It is necessary to consider, on the other hand, that there are constructive and destructive irradiations, friendly and unfriendly (so to speak), coming from spirits at various points of the immeasurable evolutionary ascension. These irradiations, according to their nature, can propel us to the Heights or ruin our efforts in the good. Not that the disturbing entities, inside or outside the dense matter, are necessarily interested in directly hampering this or that individual (although this occurs, in frightening proportions), but because naturally, for the mere fact of existing, as free consciences, they exude mental waves that influence others, according to their idiosyncratic psychic tuning, through the interaction of spiritual rays that intertwine and clash, generating contradictory vectors of psychological induction.

Plunged in this Giant Ocean of Conscience, which continually “bombards” us with conflicting vibrations, it is up to us to live the discipline of persistently seeking to be in tune with the level of thoughts, feelings, purposes and action with which we want to establish feedback processes.

Any more pronounced vacillation, in the field of emotions or ideas, opens gates in the psyche for us, subjecting us to the intrusion of agents of disaggregation. On the other hand, any sincere commitment to self-improvement and to service to our own good, and especially to the general benefit, makes us establish links of psycho-spiritual support with Powers of Good, which, gradually or even rapidly, organize existential chaos, helping us to supraordinate the disorder of our mental houses.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
December 6, 2018





Caravels and modern aircrafts – superstitions and lucid faith

Just as Mathematics states that behind disorder there is an implicit order, in a higher level of complexity, we will present another similar principle, but beyond the realm of logic, in the field of Spirituality:

Above a turbulent and distressing situation, of contradictory feelings and acute frustration, there is always a plane of peace, in a higher level of lucidity and understanding of life’s events.

Faith, as a bridge or channel to wider domains of reality, can never agree with irrationality or irresponsibility.

The contact with Transcendentality and, above all, with its systematized experience, when they authentically happen, necessarily propel the individual to reach, in varying degrees, deeper expressions of perception, awareness and judiciousness.

Genuine Spirituality inexorably translates into more intelligence, proficiency and wholeness, generating, in the heart of the soul, a peace that greatly differs from the disturbing calmness of the windless oceans, which, in the past, could transform old caravels into ghost ships.

Instead, the true spiritual search fosters a complex peace, which finds a better metaphor in advanced aeronautical engineering and its giant aircrafts, which use the extremely fast dynamic of the air under their wings to cross, with speed, tranquility and safety, thousands of miles in a few hours, at thousands of feet of altitude, carrying hundreds of passengers and crew on board, completely loose, entirely suspended… “as if” by the Hands of God…

in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Brewster, New York metropolitan area, USA
March, 19 2020