The visit of the little shepherdess of Fatima

I met Jacinta, one of the little shepherdesses of Fatima, comfortably accommodated in a seat of the gazebo where I had been taken to on other occasions to engage in brief talks with the direct spokespersons of Mary Christ.

After greeting me, discreetly and elegantly, the saint from overseas, whose spiritual body appeared as an adult, asked me, motivated by unassumingness and modesty, not to describe her sublime appearance to the public and, as soon as I sat in front of her, she said:

“- Our Celestial Mother asks, once again, as She pleaded with us so much in Portugal, more than a century ago, that we pray for world peace.

 Yes, She has already saved the earthly civilization, but how much our planetary community will suffer depends on the prayers and actions of men and women of goodwill until we achieve the definitive redemption granted by God…”

I thought of asking a question to the venerable Jacinta after such a brief message from the Sublime Spiritual Mother of earthly humanity… however, the entire mental picture, including the noble messenger and the gazebo, disappeared from my psychic vision in a fraction of time that must not have exceeded three seconds.

As Eugênia-Aspásia has been beseeched us repeatedly, let us make ourselves, in the physical domain of existence, living repeating antennas of the Sacred Radiations of the Major Representative of the Divine Maternity for the Earth in order to favor the shortening and the mitigation of the collective atonements that we need to go through until our final salvation.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Jacinta Marto e Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirits)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, USA
April 13, 2022


The visit of the little shepherdess of Fatima











Liberation anniversary of the sage-saint

Liberation anniversary of the sage-saint

Today is the 142nd anniversary of the liberation of our lovely Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspásia from her last organic vehicle, in the condition of the holy seer Bernadette Soubirous.

The two photos, edited in the image that illustrates this publication, were taken by my husband Wagner: one of them taken in November 2019 and the other at Easter 2011, on pilgrimage trips we made to French shrines related to Mary Christ. It is the incorrupt body that was left behind by the most pious and purer Emissary of the Spiritual Government of the Earth, in the now distant 19th century, more precisely in the year 1879.

May She be as happy as possible, for all that She has done for all of us, for the entire earthly humanity, century after century, millennium after millennium!

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
and the Instituto Salto Quântico Team
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
April 16, 2021

The diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

JESUS ​​was sacrificed on a symbolic sword, which wounded the Earth, soaking it in His blood – a strong and profound metaphor of how much His Presence would fertilize, in an extremely assertive, conflicting and powerful way, the history of the earthly humanity.

As He Himself asserted: “I did not come to bring peace, but the sword.” (Matthew, 10:34)

Jesus warned that when He arrived at a house (as at institutions and communities), He would establish the division in a way that “three would be against two and two against three”. (Luke, 12:52)

This is very natural and logical: there is no profound, long-lasting and true evolution that does not constitute a painful process of contradiction and struggle, that does not disturb and generate reactions in social structures and mentalities attached to outdated concepts, paradigms or institutions, incompatible with what the movements of innovation propose. This process happens, firstly, within the individual, but inevitably unfolds itself externally, in the context of their interpersonal relationships, which indicates their authentic inner transformation, metanoia (mental transmutation, translated as “conversion”), as stated in the original Gospels in Greeks, written more closely to the events of JESUS’ Life.

Let’s be highly aware of the false moralism and pseudo-spirituality of diabolical agents and doctrines, which unfortunately thrive in religious environments, including Christians, often more concerned with the convenient and political appearances of sweetness than with the courageous and loyal coherence to the principles legitimately originated in the Christic Spiritual Spheres. Followers of the legitimate channeling of the Sublime Levels of Consciousness are willing to perform heroic moves, if necessary, to face crystallized conventions and prejudices, sacrificing even the harmony with their dearest affections.

As the Master of Masters also warned us, previously, there would be “false christs and false prophets”… (Matthew, 24:24)

History and good sense reveal, leaving no room for any contestation — unless one intends to renounce reason and/or character —, that there cannot be an effective and fair defense of an Ideal, of a new culture, of a more elevated and nobler pattern of behavior and values without firm and combative attitudes, although lovely… genuinely lovely attitudes, exactly because of that, because they are mobilized by those whose real focus is on doing good and not on looking good, what would constitute a pharisaic fraud, which JESUS so vehemently fought against, in His Sacred Messiahship.

Every parent, teacher or responsible and honest professional knows that there are times when you either adopt an incisive and direct posture, or there will be a malevolent betrayal of your conscience, a demonstration of negligence with your duties and lack of love for your children, students or other people who could count on your educational collaboration.

Let us end, with a comparative illustration, the unquestionable thesis that we sustain here [about the diabolical sweetness of the false Christians] — and suspicion will fall on those who propose something different, for they will surely be representing forces that go against the Good and God, no matter how sophisticated their fallacies and sophisms full of mephistophelian perfidy are, whether they notice it consciously or not. Let’s contrast – a shocking but truly elucidative comparison – the mellifluous voice and the cold and unshakable calmness of the fanatic terrorist Osama bin Laden with the explosion of the Holy Wrath of the Christ VERB of Truth, with a whip in His hand and Thunderous Voice, overthrowing the tables of personal and group interests, in the legendary Temple of Solomon!…

Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Aracaju, February 6, 2018


Diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth

God is MOTHER, and not only FATHER — it is axiomatic —, for being beyond all dichotomies of the human relative universe, for being, in the fullest sense of the word, the ABSOLUTE!…
Divinity is the GREATEST of all Mothers. The MOTHER who loves infinitely each one of Her children… who wants the completeness, the fulfillment, the peace and the happiness of all creatures, within the context of possibilities of their evolutionary level.

The Divine MOTHER — we already have said it on other occasions, but it is important to remember here — knows you by name and loves you, as if you were the only creature in the whole universe. To deny this affirmative(which sounds unreal for being so extraordinary) would be to presume that the Supreme BEING would have limits…
As the Representative of this Divine Maternal Face for the Earth, I reiterate the promise I made last August and which JESUS ​​reinforced last Sunday. Our Assembly asked and our request was answered:

The Earth is saved from Armageddon!
Such revelation is made so that hopelessness does not spread like a worldwide epidemic, before the serious and multifaceted global crisis that this earthly humanity is going through.  In spite of this comforting assertion, however, each one of you must strive to fulfill your share of responsibility in the great concert of the Celestial Melody of events, so that many avoidable pains, collective or individual, may be abbreviated, cooled or even suspended.

It is urgent to corroborate, once again: the planet is saved, but this will happen because countless devoted souls will correctly and completely perform their share of tasks in the rescue of earthly civilization from the edge of abyss of self-extinction, channeling God’s Designs for the surface of the globe, through the use of their free will, in the sense of fostering goodness, goodwill and hope, in the hearts of their brothers and sisters in humanity! …

Message from Holy MARY
Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
December 31, 2016

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth 1

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth

Auntie’s simple talk1

Auntie's simple talk1

They want to silence your voice, steal your hope, remove the Ideal from your devoted heart.

Continue, even so, spreading encouraging words, motivating initiatives, solidary actions, without letting yourself be intoxicated by the waves of discouragement that the forces contrary to the Light shoot toward you.

Everything passes, everything will pass. If you persist in good, nothing can defeat you, because Jesus will be with you. Remember what He Himself said: “But the one who endures to the end will be saved”2.

See what you do now. Dedicate yourself to one task at a time, one minute at a time. Offer an extra smile or a gesture of tenderness. Send a direct electronic message, in which you show your attention and respect to someone. Share, on some social network on the internet, simple post or pages of spiritual content that serves to lift the spirits of the fallen, in this era of such anguished and widespread hopelessness.

Remember that the Lord is with those who do good deeds, however small, especially when the altruistic act is directed to the community, to strangers, to people who seem least worthy in the eyes of the world – in short: fraternal attitudes that do not seek any form of retribution.

“Each day has enough trouble of its own”3 – said the Christ-Word-of-Truth. Meet the demand of each day, an hour or a quarter of an hour, and deliver to Divine Providence the solution for what is beyond your control.

Apply yourself to the things of the Spirit, fulfilling your duties, however insignificant they may seem to you, and – keep yourself convinced of this – the Sun will rise again over the darkness of your paths.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Sister Brígida (Spirit)
Ashburn, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., USA
February 21, 2022

1. In her last reincarnation (1913-1964), Sister Brígida was a children’s teacher at Colégio Santa Bernadette, in Salvador, Bahia. The “aunt”, in the title of this psychography, refers to the affectionate way in which children’s teachers are usually treated by their students.
(Medium’s note)

2. Matthew 24:13.
3. Matthew 6:34.

Auntie's simple talk 2
Auntie's simple talk3   Auntie's simple talk