Maternal oasis of the Earth

Jesus, from the top of the cross, bequeathed this humanity, represented on the person of John the Evangelist, to my maternal condition.1

I am not the only maternal spiritual figure to whom one can appeal. There is, as we have asserted before, a Community of benevolent mothers (and fathers alike) who watch over the destinies of the earthly civilization.

However, for Christian culture, it has been delegated to me, by Christ-Verb Himself, spokesperson of the Divine Will, the sacred incumbency of making myself the anthropomorphic representation of the Maternal Face of God.

Thus, beloved child, if you find yourself weakened, in the sweltering desert of lovelessness and hopelessness that scorch the sensitive souls, in this so suffering orb, come to me…


I am the maternal oasis of the Earth!…


Welcome!… Enter the intimacy of my Heart and allow yourself to be sheltered, under the cooling shades and amid orchards full of succulent fruits, at the margin of crystalline streams that come from the inexhaustible springs of the Divine Providence and that pour forth the pure water of faith, of hope, of the restoration of weakened psychological strengths.

Pray, meditate, contemplate, daily, for at least a quarter of an hour, so that the beneficial effects can be seen, gradually, in all areas of your life.

If, for any reason, my image or my person does not please you, appeal to Jesus Himself or to another sublime figure of any spiritual tradition on the planet, or, in case you prefer not to address yourself to a human form, directly evoke the Presence, the Irradiation, the Force and the Inspiration of the Infinite Goodness and Perfect Wisdom of the Divinity.

Do this, do it always, with absolute discipline, and your spirit, withered by the scorching blasts of hate, madness and chaos that torment this unfortunate humanity, will be hydrated again with the Celestial Lymph of love, peace and lucidity!…


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in The Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, USA
August 11, 2021


1. “Jesus, seeing there his mother and the disciple whom he loved, said to his mother: ‘Woman, there is your son’. Then he said to the disciple: ‘There is your mother’. And from that time on, the disciple took her into his home.” (John 19:26,27)



Maternal oasis of the Earth

The unknown saint


She was far too much beautiful, rich, prestigious and famous for anyone to glimpse, behind such charm and fascination, a saintly soul, of unvulgar character, who was not intimidated by appearances that bewitch almost the entire human population on Earth and foster, with irresistible power, the self-centered and narcissistic behavior.

With her frank and avant-garde attitudes, refusing to live an existence of appearances, she abdicated the “enviable” fate of being the future English queen consort to dedicate herself to the most diverse humanitarian causes, initiating the era of celebrities engaged in great ideals for the good of humanity.

Be happy, Princess Diana Spencer! Be happy, at the only place where you could be: back to living with your equals. Not by chance — as a meaningful Sign from Heaven — you were released from dense matter only five days after the passing of another myth of charity of the twentieth century: Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Spiritual Friends
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
January 24, 2020


The tragedies in the lives of your enemies and the abundant graces in the lives of your friends

Some powerful oligarchies and important public figures, by placing themselves, though indirectly, against the Work that you carry out, in the Name of the Spiritual Authorities that inspire you, have some shattered themselves into pieces, while others have obfuscated themselves…

Each one of those who dared to oppose the Force of Good that expresses Itself through you lost their fortune, their physical and/or mental sanity, their prestige and even their physical life.

On the other hand, apathetic personalities, who do not shine their own light, intellectually mediocre and/or of petty feelings, have been circumstantially illuminated by the Light that you reflect from On High. However, when they moved away or were disconnected from the Organization that you direct, in the physical domain of reality, they fell into ostracism, emptiness and sadness, with some even sinking into crises of faith and hopelessness.

Localities and social or religious groupings that you have disengaged from, by Higher Guidance, have degenerated and entered a downward spiral, in a succession of scandals, torments and derailment of the processes of action for good that they could unfold.

Few of them associate the unfortunate events they have suffered with the way they have acted badly with you and, consequently, with the Powers that oversee your paths. They mutter heinous things among themselves, reinforcing the criminal animosity in which they accumulate before the Divine Laws, and accumulating, over their own heads, karmic clouds of even greater future tragedies…

Others, only because they have not suffered immediate results due to their vile attitudes, do not notice that they are paving their paths of destiny on quicksand, heading toward indescribable scourges that may await them a little further ahead in time…

The world collapses around you, while the deeds carried out by your working hands, under the blessings of Those whom you serve as spokesperson, grow, improve, increase in value, even for the human perspective.

Decade after decade, the events confirm this same pattern, and the enemies of the Cause you advocate for do not seem to realize the circus of horrors they engage in… Nor will they… It is the nature of human beings, while inflated by arrogance and fear, to nestle up among the supporters of their follies, so that they can escape from guilt and believe to be protected from the dreadful consequences of their perfidious postures, surrendering to all kinds of superficial and hypocritical excuses that justify their vertigo of the fall, when they do not use unspeakable slanders or partial interpretations, distorted and full of bad faith, about past events…

However, despite watching this Dantesque and continuous spectacle of human disasters “from the balcony”, calm your heart. We know that you are not pleased with anyone’s unfortunate fate, and that, on the contrary, you are saddened by so much avoidable misfortune. But you are also aware of how much those senseless creatures have tried to prevent or hinder the sacred function that you perform as a delegate of the Spiritual Government of the Earth…

Thus, observing, with as much emotional distance as possible, the freedom to choose the infernal path of those who behave this way, remain, as much as you can, focusing on professional and academic success, on the satisfaction of the soul, on the extraordinary rescues, on the spectacular healings, on the strengthened faith, radiant purpose and the joy of living of all those who eagerly volunteer to cooperate with the Life Project that you brought to the material dimension of existence, in the present reincarnation.

It was like this from the beginning. Jesus silenced the storm, as He still does today, through the Beings that represent Him, as to endorse the Task assigned to you, to the point of silencing hurricanes and providing other colossal occurrences that mark the Origin of your mission.

Yes, we know that you don’t attribute any of this to yourself, that you feel sinful, human and “normal”. However, you are amazed at the sacrilegious disrespect with which some people treat the Ideal that you revere with such devotion. There is no lack of exalted Signs to convince everyone. Why do they persist so fiercely in harming themselves instead of benefiting from the Sacred Movement?… Don’t they understand that nothing and no one has power against the Will of God — not even (or much less) the religious fanatics who think they are guardians of the Divinity?…

Ah… human beings and their faults!… Let everything be as it is, dear friend; let it be, let it be… Heaven sees, no matter what they believe… You remain protected directly by the Sublime Plane of Consciousness, which continues acting through your word, whether the incautious individuals of the world want to admit it or not… Too bad for them, if they do not accept what is so evident and absurdly evidenced…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Lucas Desiderium (Spirit)
Bethel, CT,  metropolitan region of New york, USA
March 28, 2021

The Spiritual coldness and the “cold war”

“The cold inside hearts chills the world… and gradually introduces it back to war… to the cold war.”


Indifference and cruelty, jealousy and envy, the lack of empathy, solidarity, mercy engender a calamitous state of destructive psychic mass around the planet, which craves blood … the blood of the ‘innocent’… from those who sincerely desire and work for the good… A deleterious mental mass that yearns for the establishment of disorder and destruction, for the destruction of the civilization…


Once again, I ask all souls of good will to pray for Russia, for Iran, for Pakistan, for North Korea, for the entire Earth …


A nuclear era flourishes, lamentably, no longer with only two superpowers and a handful of countries armed with nuclear weapons, but, rather, in an era where any nation, to feel safe amid aggressive or uncivilized neighborhoods, will understand how necessary it is to acquire its own arsenal of mass destruction.


And the globe perilously teeters on the edge of the abyss.

We can and will win, reflecting the love of God to the orb, through prayers and benevolent actions toward each other, systematically. There is no other way out. This is the only path: universal fraternity… or the extinction of life on the planet.



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

(Message received on March 22, 2014)

’Unanswered’ prayers

If in your prayer you ask, but in your behavior, you do not act… you turn the prayer into emptiness, where the Voice of God echoes: “Act, make an effort, improve yourself, so that I can help you.”

Invoke the Transcendence from On High, while working the immanence in yourself. The Divine Emissaries never subtract the experience, the learning, the evolutionary achievements of anyone, under any circumstances.

Thus, apparently unheard prayers indicate a wrong, untimely or unworthy request to the reception of the appeal.

The search for communion with the higher levels of consciousness – through prayer, through meditation or through mediumistic practice with an enlightening purpose — has the basic function of offering supra-ordinating assistance, in those points and situations of existential challenge in which the creature, in the free use of their discernment and after exhausting all efforts to find a solution on their own, has not been able to figure it out.



Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

June 25, 2016