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Love, sex and tragic dangers

Human beings, in the current evolutionary phase in which the earthly civilization, on average, finds itself, are sexual creatures.

Erotic bonds involve feelings, generate positive or negative psychological impacts and create karma, such as debits or credits.

For this reason, all care is respectable in interpersonal relationships, to the point that even parents and children must have propriety regarding the aspects of physicality that the bond involves.

This is how, for example, adult children may feel at ease to hug their parents of both genders affectionately. Still, these touches, kisses, or caresses will never resemble those they experience with their respective spouses or anyone else with whom they share sexual intimacy.

By identical reasoning, it is understandable and necessary that, according to the psychological and moral profile of each one, greetings and all forms of acting with other sexually matured individuals outside the biological family are, with much more reason, because there is no instinctive and cultural brake on incest, impregnated with ethical-moral criteria that would never deserve the nickname of conservative or prejudiced.

Quite the contrary, the basis of the attitude of modesty, of relative physical distance, of scruples in the way of talking, looking or smiling at someone indicates respect for the feelings and dignity of others, precisely the opposite of what traditionalist and discriminatory postures promote.

Pay attention, beloved children, to the signaling filters of the conscience and of the heart, of the legitimate spirituality.

To love, in its fundamental expressions, implies caring, nurturing, fomenting the development, peace, fulfillment and happiness of the loved one and oneself.

The most profound, lasting and authentic manifestations of affection are those in which affinities or a sincere and disinterested intention to do good to others predominate.
This is why, in their overwhelming majority, the members of this planetary humanity find among their main loves – whether they admit to this or not – people with whom they do not have, have not had and will never have, within the space of their reincarnations, any trace of erotic-sexual enchantment.

To perceive this clearly means freeing oneself from a vast range of conflicts, frustrations and motives of despair that are entirely avoidable.

In this culture of hyper valorization of beauty, youth, slimness and sexual attractiveness, grant yourself the special gift of a reality shock: that of recognizing that the cult of the physical body, with generalized plastic surgeries, strict diets, exacerbated aesthetic care and the fanatical attendance to gyms, almost always under the fallacious disguise of health concern, is nothing more than dangerous hypnosis that throws away entire lives, consuming them with successive, when not continuous, anguish and disillusionment, with the loss, in immeasurable proportions, of the most precious opportunities of the human soul to fulfill itself and be truly happy.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
In the Name of Maria Cristo
LaGrange, New York, United States
April 13, 2023

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