Gender exchange through reincarnation

Century over century, the spirit acquires experience so as to advance in intelligence and feeling, expanding its potentials to lucidity and to fulfillment.

The game of appearances, in successive reincarnations, is used as an evolutionary tool to the service of the immortal essence that journeys toward Eternity.

Spirit Gustavo Henrique
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar



Gender exchange through reincarnation

Not taking it seriously

Not taking yourself seriously is diametrically the opposite of not taking things seriously.
The first attitude is a virtue that reveals a good standard of lucidity and humility for the evolutionary levels of the Earth.
The second, in turn, indicates traces of mockery, superficiality, irresponsibility, unconsciousness and cynicism.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Temístocles (Spirit)
Not taking it seriously

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Psychological balance, emotional stability, strength in the constitution of a personality and its character are a goal, conscious or unconscious, of every human creature.

To materialize this ideal, however, it is essential, first, that the individual have a clear perception of the multiplicity of aspects that he/she are made up of, as well as of his/her needs and aspirations, such as those of physical, affective, social, academic, professional, economic kind, etc.

With prior knowledge of how much the individual can access his/her psychic totality, he/she will then need to manage the various mental vectors found in it, undertaking an orchestration that generates the harmony of the notes and tones of each musical instrument that these subpersonalities or facets of him/herself represent.

This orchestration, in turn, does not exclude a melody of purpose that conducts it, or there will be a cacophony of variegated disturbances, of conflicts of interests and objectives, in the person’s intimacy and in his/her existential context.

And such melody of meaning and reason to live takes form, in its fulness, in the field of Spirituality. Only with a vivid sense of transcendentality paired with determination to meet, with immovable discipline, the intuitions of his/her spirit, can the human being achieve a lucid management of the complexity inherent to life.

In following this treasure map, you will find not only peace of conscience, personal fulfilment and happiness, in surprising measures and ways of manifestation, but also, according to the time of God: blessing, grace, rapture, ecstasy!…

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
August 5, 2020

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Urgent alert

Urgent alert

It is my nature, from the cradle, a clear aversion to debates and topics about politics. I am not registered with any party or political party movement nor do I take part in any activity associated with the topic.
Nobody is, in sound mind, in favor of corruption. All governments make mistakes, to varying degrees. Investigations must be conducted, and those proven guilty will have to suffer the penalties established by law, according to clean legal proceedings, taken by the Judicial Branch.
It is important to consider, however, that the national vices in lack of ethics and morality are profound, centuries old and widespread, manifesting themselves in everyday life, since the sly attitude of cheating at school to the shameful “typical Brazilian way” of escaping the rules “to score” at any cost, oftentimes to the detriment of others.
Being the opposition of the federal government or not, it urges that we respect the fundamental democratic principles, above feuds or personal and group opinions, so that evils much more harmful than the ones we intend to eliminate do not come to pass.
On the other hand, there is the collective unconscious phenomenon, which kind of subdivides itself into regions defined by cultural, linguistic and even, in a certain way, geographical boundaries.
Let us remember the cultured and civilized Germany, which let itself to be fascinated by an eloquent and schizoid villain, and that, during World War II, almost led humankind to the Armageddon.
If we want to have a more impartial perspective of what happens politically in Brazil, in such serious and disturbed, historical and deep crisis that we face, let us check the analysis made by respectable organs of international press (see links below), in different countries, more institutionally matured, especially in those where there is impartial and fair journalism, in the mainstream media – the good Brazilian journalists are either hidden from the most influential vehicles of communication in their homeland, or, if inside of them, they lie gagged.
As a citizen – and not exactly as a spiritual leader —, I cannot overlook such a relevant topic, because silencing implies cowardly condoning with the forces of evil that intend to set the country into the path chaos and its harmful implications, with damages of unpredictable dimension and nature for all (!), but always with greater suffering of the the least favored part of the population.
Hypocritical religious people would recommend only silence and prayer, more concerned with their own image than with following their consciences. Well, good prayer leads to action, courageous and open action in the fight for the common good! Believing to have superior virtue and serenity, such pseudo-wise religious people do not know the true JESUS, who, with whip in hand and flaming truths on His tongue, expelled the unscrupulous merchants from the Temple of Jerusalem, the main seat of government in Israel at that time, next to the palaces of Herod and Pontius Pilate!…
There are no sides: there is Brazil and the Brazilian people. However, there is a sinister wave of disaggregation contrary to both, although it disguises itself, as all diabolical geniuses do, under elegant labels of ill-constituted dignity, seducing millions of incautious individuals.
I will not reveal if I express this severe opinion in the name of the Sublime Spirituality. Let us think and act with good sense, discernment and social responsibility, and it will not be difficult to see where the fallacy and the lie are, camouflaged by elaborate speeches, allegedly patriotic and well-intentioned.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
April 16, 2016


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Urgent alert

The tragicomedy of the fixation on the romantic love — part II

Benjamin Teixeira ,
by the Spirit Eugênia,

Recently, the syndrome of those who “love too much” has been diagnosed, a name I believe to be inappropriate, since it is about, in truth, individuals who love erroneously, and, often, do not even love, just are dependent on the person they think they love, when they are not frankly tyrannical with the object of their pseudo-love, not allowing them, for example, the right not to want them in their intimacy, or to be able to be who they really are.
In lasting relationships — specifically conjugal relationships —, it is much more the affinity of values, goals and interpretative paradigms of reality that fuse the couple into a secure web of harmony and integration, capable of withstanding the clashes and challenges external to the (literal or symbolic) marriage. Thus, contrary to the illusions of culture, it is the similarities — and not the differences — that unite the consorts.
Overvalued by Hollywood (more recently), by the Romanticism movement (in 19th century world literature), with its genesis probably in the 12th century Troubadourism, the idolatry of the romantic love leads individuals to lose their sense of proportion regarding the multidimensionality of their psyches and to transfer to the expectation of happy erotic relationships several other equally important needs of the soul, as the hunger for spirituality (for God), the search for non-erotic affective bonds (such as friends and family), and the professional and ideal vocations. And the ironic and tragic result of this unfortunate obsession for affectionate sex is that not only does the person becomes frustrated in all the neglected areas of his/her life, because of the object of his/her affective compulsion, but he/she also eliminates the possibilities of achieving success in the conjugal sphere, since it suffocates the partner with a level of demands and pressures, declared or subtle, that end up consuming the relationship.
It is also important to consider, so that we may have a happy affective life, that the intimate partner, by the psychological exacerbation of the impulses of possession, desire and power, inextricably involved in the gears of romantic love, works as a kind of psychic mirror, showing both the unresolved, neurotic and malevolent issues, which we do not accept in ourselves, as well as the positive and ideal ones, potentials that appear to us portrayed, in an idyllic way, on the emotional image that we make of our partner. We thus see, next to it, what we are in depth, what we do not wish to be, what we can be, or what we will come to be.
In short: Do you want to be happy in your affective life? Be happy alone, first. Do you want to have a healthy romantic relationship? Be psychologically and spiritually mature first. Then, naturally and in every way, you will attract people and situations that are appropriate to your fulfillment, plenitude and bliss.
(Psychography by Benjamin Teixeira, on December 19, 2006. Reviewed by Delano Mothé).
The tragicomedy of the fixation on the romantic love — part II