Light in the shadows and danger in the contentment


In your bad moments, God sees you, even if you do not feel welcomed, protected or connected to Him/Her.

Remember this, when you are not well, to call upon the Presence of the Lord/Lady, even if you do not feel in your best devotional state. The Divinity will hear you, [...]

The Light that is upon you


The Light that is upon you


You were surprised. The people who should have helped you the most, abandoned you when their petty interests clashed with your ideal. You went on, however. And you succeeded.

You offered help to those who were lost and in need of support. And the recipients of [...]

The tragedies in the lives of your enemies and the abundant graces in the lives of your friends

Some powerful oligarchies and important public figures, by placing themselves, though indirectly, against the Work that you carry out, in the Name of the Spiritual Authorities that inspire you, have some shattered themselves into pieces, while others have obfuscated themselves…

Each one of those who dared to oppose the Force of Good that expresses [...]

The fate of your enemies and the reverse of yours…

Once again, forces contrary to your ideal are targeting your energies, making your syntony with the axis of your own consciousness tremble.

Don’t be impressed — you are human. It is expected that, here and there, in the midst of the bombardment of the vectors of disintegration, you falter and need to stop for [...]

Returning to toil

    Apply yourself to the common effort — which must be continuous — of resuming the activities of good in all spheres of your existence, especially in the intimate field of self-investigation, of watching the feelings and purposes that motivate you, of managing the most problematic areas that create mishaps or hinder your [...]