A Happy Hard Life.


Get yourself a wide and a multifaceted range of activities, enough for you to rest dedicating yourself to different tasks for your own and other’s benefit. That way, you will not feel guilty about omission or open doors for negative actions. Concerning the spiritual matter, then, follow such a variety [...]

The Best Time

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Sister Brígida

React, now, to the call of Life. Do not wait for the crisis, difficulty and struggle to crumple your soul and maculate the ideal, so that you firmly choose the essential.

Why wait for another life, if you can [...]

Soul’s Truth

Soul’s Truth. from Salto Quântico on Vimeo.

Assembly I

Benjamin de Aguiar by Diverse Spirits

Every day is an opportunity to transcend oneself, not for a spectacular leap towards enlightenment but in little daily victories: a little gesture of kindness with a stranger that you’re not used to; smiling a little more than usual; more patience and tolerance with [...]

Soul’s Truth

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the spirit Sister Brígida

Through the study of your mental states, you will have clear clues of what you should do for your happiness. There comes a time when the obvious becomes more obvious and the individual realizes that one always had, very close by, the answer to [...]