In Favor or Against?


Nobody becomes or is induced to be gay. If that was so, there would be no homosexuals in a world of dominant heterosexuality. The percentage of homosexuals in the high ranks of geniuses in History is clearly superior to the gay contingent in the general population. For decades, Science and the most educated and [...]

Focus on the Goal

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Roberto.

When you feel too confused, focus on the goal, be objective in dealing with the situation, and move on with your activities, as if nothing had happened. One of the key tactics used by the forces of evil is to induce a paralysis of someone’s [...]

Feeling Smart

The Obvious Way Out

Benjamin de Aguiar by the Spirit Roberto Daniel.

Hey Buddy:

Do you feel tired? Take a break, slow down your pace of work, allow yourself more leisure time.

Are you sad? Do something cheerful, try to have fun, take a walk, go to the movies, ask your wife out to a candle-light [...]


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the spirit Roberto Daniel.

Ah… you do not want to forgive? Ok, no problem – die of cancer, have a nervous breakdown or suffer from rheumatic arthritis; perhaps, a little of these three options.

To pray is hard? You cannot concentrate? Your faith is weak? Do not pray, [...]