What it is to be human

The more we psychologically mature or spiritually develop ourselves, leaving the sphere of ego control, the less we try to decide, but rather verify which is the right decision to be made for a given moment.

In other words: we begin to manage our existences from a transpersonal, supra-lucid perspective.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]

JESUS carries us…

JESUS carries us, in His loving and fatherly arms, regardless of how much we work, century over century, against Him, against humanity and, therefore, against ourselves…

May we awake from this deep and multimillennial sleep of horrors — the horrors of the ego and of the petty passions of evilness and animality that, in some [...]

“Unanswered” prayers

Our prayers are always heard and answered, although usually not according to our expectations; invariably, however, according to what is best for us! Be happy!


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

New Fairfield, CT, metropolitan regionof New York, USA



Debilitated, between the purgatory and the paradise…


Indeed, you consider a great honor — and even an act of Celestial Mercy — the opportunity to be useful to the common good.

You contemplate, with sincere joy, in the reel of time, the benefits you spread in the bosom of the community you are part of — many of them with [...]

Victory in the toil/fight for the good

You do not need to do much. Your duty is to do your best. Your excellence for Heaven, nevertheless, has no direct relationship with the validation of competence for the Earth.

A higher level of attunement with the Will of God for you will probably bring you acute dissonances with the world, starting with conflicts [...]